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📚The Rules of 10 Baggers


  • 👔Author: Andy Lin
  • 📺Publisher: Smart (September 2022)
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  • Highlights in this book
    • How many 10 baggers have been generated in the past 5, 10, 20, 30 years? What do these stocks have in common?
    • Introduction of the four major US stock exchanges
    • All sectors in the US stock markets, and the introduction of major industries
    • Deep dive of Electric Vehicles, Semiconductors and Heathcare, special cover on Electric Vehicles
    • US stock capital operations, how it drives the share price in long term?


  • 🎯Errata list for first printing

📚The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing: A Sr Engineer makes 283 times profit after buying U.S. stocks in 25 years (Traditional Chinese Version)


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