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  • The official website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): Enter the U.S. stock code to obtain free official financial reports and documents declared by all U.S. listed companies. This is the place that everyone who invests in U.S. stocks must visit.
  • Seeking Alpha: very in-depth and professional analysis of the U.S stock market. Many buy side analysts and well-known professionals will publish articles there. The articles are extremely in-depth and readable.
  • Yahoo! Finance: It provides comprehensive U.S. stock news, listed company news and financial figures, and is one of the oldest professional online financial media, is the oldest professional online financial media.
  • The Wall Street Journal: The must-read media for every business person. It has an irreplaceable position for hundreds of years. It often exclusively discloses the business insider information of listed companies.
  • The Barron's: It specializes in reporting the opinions of U.S. stocks and Wall Street's buyer and seller analysts. It is a media that represents the mainstream opinions of the U.S. stock market.
  • CNBC TV: The media that instantly reports the dynamics of the U.S. financial market is the preferred TV channel for interviews by the CEOs of listed companies in the U.S.
  • The Motley Fool: Good at introducing U.S. stocks in vernacular and in a way that is close to the public life.
  • 36Kr: Chinese financial media listed on the US stock market have many in-depth articles worth reading. The contents are all in Simplified Chinese.
  • Financial Visualizations: A website that provides a full range of individual stock fundamentals, financial figures, news, technical analysis, data export, market dynamics, and insider trading information.
  • MacroTrends: A website that provides historical financial figures and graphical statistics of listed companies in the U.S. stock market.
  • StockCharts: A professional website that provides technical indicators and line graphs of listed companies in the U.S. stock market.
  • GuruFocus: The professional website of value investment provides various indicators and figures that value investors pay attention to, as well as in-depth interviews and opinions.


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  • More Stock Website: More websites discussed on my blog

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