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Software Products

💻 System Manic™


  • A in-deep engineering utility program that can display real-time detail information of x86 personal computer software, firmware, and hardware systems
  • 📺Click to see System Manic™ demo video
  • System Manic™ rival products are AIDA64 and Everest.
  • It provides all features of CPU-Z, GPU-Z, Intel TAT.
  • This utility could show real-time numbers from core components of CPU, GPU, mother board, memory, SPD, chipset, battery, WiFi, Bluetooth, network card, internet connection, disks, optical drive.
  • Take CPU for example, it provides CPU detail spec and parameters like ID, parameters, temperature, utilization, speed, number of physical cores, number of logical cores (hyper thread), frequency, etc.,
  • It also deep dives the detail engineering data for operating system, main software, drivers, BIOS, ACPI.


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