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Andy 's Expertise and Experience

💹Investment Experience

  • My 26 years' (1996 to 2021) rate of annualize return (IRR) was 24.98%, only 4 years of negative return, S&P 500 was 8.21%, TaiEx was 8.08% in the same period. My year return was 73% in 2019, and 83% in 2020! Please check my investment performance over the years
  • The core stock holdings in my portfolio includes Apple, Visa, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Mastercard, Amazon.com, Alibaba, all have amazing returns.
  • Successfully explored and invested in now-famous unicorn such as e-commerce powerhouse Shopify and Sea Ltd, fintech Square and PayPal in early era and hold the shares for less than 5 years, all accumulated more than 500% of investing rate of return.


💻Andy Lin's Speciality and Expertise

  • Expert of x86 hardware and ARM firmware.
  • Cross region large program management.
  • Windows OS core, device driver and software design and development.
  • Laptop, server, tablet, and smartphone product design and development.
  • Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux platform software integration.

👔 Work Experience

  • Microsoft: IHV and ISV second line support for Asia Pacific region, large enterprise customers support.
  • Accenture: Ultra-large enterprise consulting, advisory, and projects implementation.
  • Hewlett-Packard: Commercial laptop design and development.
  • Inte: Laptop, tablet, smartphone development.

🎓 Academic background and professional certificates

  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, B.S. in Computer Science
  • Computer certificates: MCSE, MCSD, SCJP, PMP
  • English ability certificate: TOEFL 607

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