To Taiwanese US stock investors

Nine out of ten Taiwanese investors who invest in US stocks are experienced investors in Taiwan stocks, and they are investors who have only invested in US stocks in recent years.

The Trade Desk

Introduction Company profile The Trade Desk (ticker: TTD), an independent digital advertising agency, was established in 2009. The reason why it can establish a leading position in the industry is mainly because the founder and CEO Jeff Green has 20 years of experience in the advertising technology industry. years of experience. He and co-founder David … Continue reading “The Trade Desk”

Return rate comparison among Buffett portfolio, Berkshire stock price, S&P 500 over the years

This article is to look at Buffett portfoion return rate from another perspective. Many people who have studied U.S. stocks or Buffett in depth must have a question in their mind for a long time (if you don’t have this question, you had better figure it out)

Two or three stocks in your life can make you very rich

I have repeatedly emphasized in the 4-3 of my book “The Rules of 10 Baggers” and 1-5 in the “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing“, as well as in the blog: “An investor only needs to choose two or three stocks in his life. Can make you very rich; without holding too many stocks, … Continue reading “Two or three stocks in your life can make you very rich”

How does Renewable Energy Giant NextEra Energy make money?

Renewable Energy Giant NextEra Energy,
As the largest renewable energy company in the world, NextEra Energy is a time-tested company with deep roots. Founded in 1925, with governments around the world supporting green energy policies, it should continue to grow along with the growth of renewable energy and Florida’s population.

Inventors are rarely successful, but improvers are successful and profitable

Successful businesses are improvers, not inventors. Many investors are working hard to find companies that can disrupt the market or fundamentally change technology, hoping to seize the opportunity and gain the first opportunity to invest,

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