Introduction to venture capital and unicorns

What is a unicorn? Although this term has actually existed for about 20 years, as far as I can remember, most people in the investment world did not pay attention to the term unicorn at least before the financial turmoil in 2008. However, in the past ten years, it has gradually occupied all the financial … Continue reading “Introduction to venture capital and unicorns”

No fear to miss out a good company

Most investors have the mentality of being afraid of missing (FTMO: Fear To Miss Out) excellent companies. This is a normal human reflection and there is nothing to avoid. But in fact, you don’t need to be like this. The reasons are as follows: Only concentrated investment and long-term investment can make a lot of … Continue reading “No fear to miss out a good company”

Simplified Chinese website is online;Traditional Chinese and English availabe as well

Due to the long-term response of many friends, I hope to have the website content in simplified Chinese. Mainly because many non-Taiwanese friends have always suggested that I should set up and translate the website contents to a simplified Chinese version at least, because only friends in Taiwan and Hong Kong are accustomed to Traditional … Continue reading “Simplified Chinese website is online;Traditional Chinese and English availabe as well”

India stock market and the emerging Indian tech giants

Indian stock market The size of the Indian stock market is currently behind to the United States, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom; it is estimated that within three years it will rise from the current US$3.5 trillion, accounting for about 2.8% of the global stock market. It will grow to exceed the … Continue reading “India stock market and the emerging Indian tech giants”

Don’t become the cancer of modern society – trolls and haters

I have never concealed my aversion to trolls and haters. They have a negative influence on our society, even to the extent of poisoning. The most terrifying thing is that his influence on our world has deteriorated due to the development of the internet community, but we are immersed in it every day without knowing … Continue reading “Don’t become the cancer of modern society – trolls and haters”

U.S. stocks’ dividend-rich industries and investment considerations

Several big dividend industries Listed large companies in the following industries, with few exceptions, will pay dividends, and the yield rate is significantly higher than that of other industries: Telecommunications: Telecommunications companies are protected by regulations and licenses, and are rich in cash. They usually distribute dividends that are higher than the market yield. Public … Continue reading “U.S. stocks’ dividend-rich industries and investment considerations”

The valuation impact of diversity to listed companies

I have always emphasized in the book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investingrowth Stock Investment Rules” that investors do not like all kinds of uncertainties. They like that revenue can be predicted, revenue and profits are easy to estimate, and it is best to have any listed company that has fairly stable growth. As … Continue reading “The valuation impact of diversity to listed companies”

Israeli stock market and tech giants

National Bio of Israel The total GDP of Israel is 311.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 35th in the world; but its per capita GDP is as high as 476.02 million U.S. dollars, and Taiwan’s is 327.47 million U.S. dollars (IMF data). Israel’s population is only 8.65 million, around one third of Taiwan, and the country … Continue reading “Israeli stock market and tech giants”

The uncertainty in investment

I have mentioned in many places that one of the tips for investing is to increase the probability of things happening. In other words, it can also increase the self-confidence of holding shares, which can increase the probability of investment success. Professor Naish from the University of Chicago said that there are two types of … Continue reading “The uncertainty in investment”

Indians have a strong influence on U.S. companies

Many people will react subconsciously. I don’t invest in India. Talking about what the Indian stock market and Indian companies do will not actually help me. Investors holding this view are really not very desirable; because now is the era of globalization, investing in US stocks is actually investing in countries around the world, because … Continue reading “Indians have a strong influence on U.S. companies”