Great resources for US stock investors

Resources for US stock

Most U.S. stock investors will complain that the investment weapons are not equal and cannot find relevant Resources for US stock. In fact, this is not true. Now is the Internet age of information explosion, there is no problem of finding the information, I am afraid that it will not be absorbed.

I listed some of the more important Internet resources that investors in US stocks will use in sections 4-5 of the book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”. Today, I spent some time reorganizing the resources that investors in the US stocks would use, and categorizing them for everyone. Some of the more important Internet links are listed directly on my website. Readers can refer to the “US Stock Network Resources“.

Irreplaceable status

There is only one, and that is the official website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): you can get free official financial reports and documents declared by U.S. stock companies. It is a place you must visit when investing in U.S. stocks. Its status is irreplaceable and every investor must visit. The most important of these is the Edgar database, which stores the official reports of all listed companies. The most important of these reports are 10-K, proxy letter (DEF 14A), 8K, and S1.

Once again, the status of the official website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is irreplaceable.

Stock analysis reports and articles

  • Seeking Alpha: The most in-depth and professional analysis of US stocks. Many buy-side analysts and professionals will publish articles here. The articles are in-depth and readable. For the introduction on Seeking Alpha, please see my blog article “Seeking Alpha which can greatly improve the investment ability of US stocks“.
  • Barron’s: Specializing in reporting the opinions of U.S. stocks and Wall Street’s buyer and seller analysts, it is a media that represents the mainstream opinions of the U.S. stock market.

The portfolio of well-known investors

  • WhaleWisdom: allows subscribers to copy the portfolio of well-known hedge funds, which are usually only available to a few super-rich investors. You can also find investment targets in some well-known institutional investor portfolios here.
  • The sub-site under Guru Focus also allows you to find all the trading records of the US stocks in the portfolios of famous investors.

Insiders Activity

Stock Shorting Information

  • Market Beat: It can list all the information related to stocks shorting for you in detail.
  • Yahoo! Finance: If all you need is a simple number of shorting percentage of float on individual stocks, Yahoo Finance has it.

Stocks Repurchase and M&A

InsideArbitrage In addition to providing stock transaction information of insiders of listed companies, it also provides information on other corporate mergers and acquisitions and stocks repurchase.

News Aggregators

  • Yahoo! Finance: Provides comprehensive U.S. stock news, listed company news and financial figures, and is the oldest professional online financial media.
  • The Wall Street Journal: The must-read media for every business person. It has an irreplaceable position for hundreds of years. It often exclusively discloses the business insider information of listed companies.

TV Channel

CNBC TV: A media that instantly reports the dynamics of the US financial market, and is the preferred TV channel for interviews by executives of US listed companies.

Suitable for general public level stock market reports

  • The Motley Fool: Good at introducing U.S. stocks in vernacular and in a way that is close to the lives of the general public. In addition to US, Motley has local site in most major countries as well.
  • 36 Kr: The Chinese financial media listed on the US stock market has many in-depth articles worth reading. The advantage is the whole Chinese culture.

Data Analysis

  • MacroTrends: A website that provides historical financial figures and graphical statistics of listed companies in the US stock market.
  • Financial Visualizations: A website that provides a full range of individual stock fundamental financial figures, news, technical analysis, data export, market dynamics, and insider trading.
  • TIKR: Provides financials, estimates, valuation indicators, ratios, etc. of more than 100,000 stocks worldwide.
  • Koyfin: Comprehensive financial market data analysis.
  • StockRow: Provides U.S. stock market news, interactive fundamental charts, advanced stock screeners with more than 300 indicators and ratios, detailed overviews and more.
  • StockCharts: A professional website that provides technical indicators and line charts of listed companies in the US stock market.

Professional value investing website

  • GuruFocus: A professional website for value investment, providing various indicators and figures that value investors pay attention to, as well as in-depth interviews and opinions.

Listed company’s own website

Every U.S.-listed company’s website will be required to place information that must be disclosed to the investing public on the company’s website, usually including:

  • Annual report
  • Quarterly report
  • Shareholders’ meeting documents
  • Some will also put up the slides, videos, audio recordings, earning call transcripts of the earning release conference call (this is very important), etc.

Common general network

What investors most often ignore is some social network or general websites. If you make good use of them, you can also perform unexpected functions at a specific time or purpose:

  • Needless to say, try to find, you can find what you need.
  • Here you can find videos of famous investors or companies speaking.
  • Glassdoor: One of the most useful is the company’s employees’ ratings of the CEO and the company’s salary levels by employees.
  • Twitter: Investors can track the important speeches of investors, companies, and CEOs they admire.

Unicorn and venture capital

  • TechCrush: This is a news network that reports on unicorns and venture capital.
  • PitchBook: This is the most complete website with the history of unicorns and venture capital companies, as well as the history of fundraising.

IPO information

Many investment websites will reveal information about the initial listing of U.S. stocks, which investors can check on their own. Here are other websites dedicated to reporting on IPOs:

Stock discussion forum

Reddit is a netizen website similar to PTT in Taiwan or Baidu’s Tieba in China. It has a long history, except that it is not an organization with obvious political inclination like PTT, and it is not an officially funded organization; it is a privately-owned website. Originally due to the rise of Facebook (ticker: META) and Twitter (ticker: TWTR), it fell sharply, but it has suddenly become popular in the past two years and announced earlier this year that it will conduct an IPO. According to Reddit in the second quarter of this year, Reddit has 11 million registered users, 52 million daily active users (DAU), and up to 100,000 discussion groups and posts.

Resources for US stock
credit: geralt

One of the biggest reasons for Reddit’s revival is that many young investors flocked to various investment and stock discussion groups on Reddit to exchange investment opinions and create a new investment force with highly influence. I ever gave you an example in Sections 1-2 of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”.

Of course, most readers on Reddit are young people, and many investment concepts are shook their heads (the PTT situation is more serious). For example, they dismiss long-term investment or value investment. The investment method of turning over gambling overnight. But it still has some merits, and readers must be cautious.

My personal recommendation is to visit from time to time to see what young people are thinking and invest in those things. Discussion forums are not all that negative, the key is how you use it.


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