How does, the EDA oligopoly, Cadence make money?

Company Profile Cadence Introduction Cadence Design Systems, Inc, also known as Cadence Electronics, was founded in 1988. It is an important manufacturer of electronic design automation (EDA) software and engineering services. It mainly provides integrated circuit design (IC Design). , system on chip (SoC), and printed circuit board (PCB) software tools and silicon intellectual property … Continue reading “How does, the EDA oligopoly, Cadence make money?”

For Taiwanese stock investors investing in U.S. stocks

Nine out of ten Taiwanese stock investors who invest in US stocks are experienced investors in Taiwan stocks, and they are investors who have only invested in US stocks in recent years.

The Power Law

What I want to talk about in this post is a just-published English book “The Power Law”.

Unbelievable brokage zero fees, How could this happen?

Why can US brokerages have zero fees? Order flow payment (Payment for order flow: PFOF) involves retail brokerage brokers, such as Robin Hood (ticker: HOOD) and TD Ameritrade (has been acquired by Charles Schwab, ticker: SCHW) to sell their customers’ market orders to third parties

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