Haters, the cancer of modern society


I have never concealed my aversion to trolls and haters. They have a negative influence on our society, even to the extent of poisoning. The most terrifying thing is that his influence on our world has deteriorated due to the development of the internet community, but we are immersed in it every day without knowing it. Even if you delete all your social network accounts, there is no way to escape.

The characteristics of trolls and haters

I have mentioned that the characteristics of the trolls and haters are:

  • Deny the success of others.
  • Reflective blackening.
  • Find excuses for themselves and rationalize all their behaviours.
  • Never review your own abilities. In the world, they themselves are the best, and the smartest.
  • Overwrite the fault, brag about their own achievements and success, and cover up their mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Throw away responsibility to others, success or wishful thinking is attributed to   their own wiseness, and failure or unsatisfactory is slwyas the fault of others, as if the whole world owes them, the whole universe should revolve around him.
  • There is no right or wrong.
  • Don’t know what thinking is.
  • Follow the mass.
  • Negative oriented.

Negative impacts to investing

This is the typical trolls and haters’ remarks we often see on the internet:

  • Rich people all grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.
  • People who are successful in their careers usually don’t rely on their own efforts or professionalism; they are people who are infatuated with their boss and have no real ability.
  • Successful investors rely on insider information.
  • Successful investors have shortcuts to quick success, trouted stocks, or secret but they are not willing to make it public.
  • Long-term investment method only suits the rich.
  • Simplify concentrated investors is a wrong investment method; intuitively there is no concept of risk and it is not worth trying.
  • It is the only possibility for young people or young people with insufficient funds to reverse their lives by advocating that derivative products like warrants, leverage, single-handed down one file, and small gains.

As long as you believe one of the above remarks credulously, or have been imperceptibly influenced by these remarks for a long time, your investment path will be doomed.

Trolls and haters can’t succeed

Most trolls and haters will warm up each other. Over time, they will accumulate nonsense. They don’t need reason, no reason at all, let alone judgment of right and wrong, not to mention the value creteria, and different opinions are not allowed; this is why it is derived and one of the major reasons for cyberbullying. People are group animals.

As long as the masses gather together, they will lose their rationality and judgment of right and wrong, and they will be easily manipulated. This is also the reason why politicians all over the world need to stir up the mood of the masses and must inspire ideology during elections, because this method is the cheapest and most importantly, it is the easiest to succeed.

Gustave Le Bon stated in his psychology masterpiece “The Crowd (Psychologie des Foules)” a hundred years ago that “As soon as a person enters a group, IQ will be severely reduced. A sense of security of belonging.” When a group of people are together, the collective intelligence quotient of the crowd will drop significantly compared to when they are alone. “The public does not have the ability to discern, and therefore cannot judge the authenticity of things. Many viewpoints that cannot stand scrutiny can easily be universally agreed!”

This is impossible for the trolls or haters to be successful in life. Of course, this includes investment, which is absolutely impossible.

Learn other’s strength

When we were in elementary school, or when we were young, our parents would always tell us to learn from the strengths of others and not to imitate the vices of others, but when we grow up, we all forget the most basic things of being a human being.

Learning is the source to make progress. There are too many successful things, people, experiences, and things in this world that we can learn from. Why choose a mode of behavior that abandons one’s life and does not want to succeed?

credit: Chetraruc

Don’t fall in be a troll or hater

You may see here that it has nothing to do with investment, but modern people cannot do without the internet, and even for investment research cannot do without computers, cell phone and the internet (you have been on the SEC website, right?) All research resources are on the Internet. Social networks are even more sinful.

Facebook (ticker: META) was recently disclosed by The Wall Street Journal; according to Facebook its own survey results show that its Instagram social network is harmful to teenagers (especially young girls). This incident is still rippling in the aftermath of the whole country, and has caused serious concern among US congress. Facebook is testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee (please note that the similar story has been staged many times).

According to my own experience, one of the common characteristics of most retail investors (especially those with poor performance, but it is difficult for them to admit this) is acid democratization. Once you have the mentality and behavior of the acid people, your investment is destined to be impossible.

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