Walking helps thinking

Earlier I mentioned that investment is actually a boring, tedious, long-term, lonely, basic research that needs to be repeated. Time, patience, and discipline are the three major elements of successful investment. Here comes the problem. Few people can endure these things for a long time, and humans rarely stay focused for more than 30 minutes. … Continue reading “Walking helps thinking”

Why people with high IQ prone invest failed

In stock investment, temperament is the final decisive factor, not intelligence and IQ, nor the amount of funds. I certainly know that most people may disagree with my statement. The world is rewarding high IQ people In terms of work, reading, and research, no one can deny that smart and high IQ people do have … Continue reading “Why people with high IQ prone invest failed”

What should a investment philosophy include?

I found that investment books and media in Taiwan like to use the four words “investment method of mentality”. Mainland China, Hong Kong, or the United States are not like Taiwan. The media like to explore the “investment method of mentality” of successful investors. . However, I personally always think that Taiwan’s translation or use … Continue reading “What should a investment philosophy include?”

Ge Ba’s wonderful views on the article “Thinking can’t be outsourced”

For the original text referred to by Mr. Ge Ba, please click “Thinking cannot be outsourced“. First of all, please see Ge Ba’s view in italic blow: Hi, Andy:Regarding your argument that “thinking is important”, I think it is difficult for anyone to refute it. I want to share my extended “thinking”. Is it possible … Continue reading “Ge Ba’s wonderful views on the article “Thinking can’t be outsourced””

Thinking cannot be outsourced

Investment is a marathon of life, and we must persist to the end. In section 1-1, of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, I pointed out 8 key points of a simple roadmap for stock investment for investors; the sixth item is “Independent thinking” — Develop the habit of reading, analyze and … Continue reading “Thinking cannot be outsourced”

Don’t become the cancer of modern society – trolls and haters

I have never concealed my aversion to trolls and haters. They have a negative influence on our society, even to the extent of poisoning. The most terrifying thing is that his influence on our world has deteriorated due to the development of the internet community, but we are immersed in it every day without knowing … Continue reading “Don’t become the cancer of modern society – trolls and haters”

How difficult to be out of the ordinary

We begin this article with a famous quote from Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform, pause or reflect.” This is even more true in the stock market. The collective IQ of the masses will drop sharply Gustave Le Bon pointed out in his masterpiece “The … Continue reading “How difficult to be out of the ordinary”

The Irreplaceable and Necessity of Reading for Investors

Books are the medium of civilization Books are the ladder of human progress. We have seen biographies or stories of great or successful people since we were young, and books will almost certainly be part of it. This is no coincidence, because books are the medium through which the human wisdom is recorded. Through books, … Continue reading “The Irreplaceable and Necessity of Reading for Investors”

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