Investors need to think different

Think different

The workplace encourages mediocrity

As long as a paid worker should agree that there are many undocumentted rules in the workplace, such as can’t think differently. In order to receive a salary, in order to have a regular income to pay bills, all employees are required to comply with what is reasonable or unreasonable by the business. This is a compromise that most people have to make in order to live.

But few people seriously think about a big problem because of this, that is, the workplace encourages mediocrity, because successful teams cannot have dissent. This is also why large companies are unlikely to have any inventions, and must acquire new ideas through acquisitions of small startups.

The reason is very simple. In a formed group, there can be no self-existence –the most serious thing is the existence of different ideas, which must be taboo. That’s why large corporations are paragons of bureaucracy, tombs of ideas, forbidden places of thought. The result is that after a long stay, all employees become what the Japanese call social animals. All people think in the same way, have the same interests, and move the same way; but it is impossible for those who are in them to perceive this.

Differences between leaders and followers

In “Solitude and Leadership“speech delivered by William Deresiewicz for to the plebe class at the United States Military Academy at West Point in October 2009, he said “What makes him a thinker — and a leader—is precisely that he is able to think things through for himself. And because he can, he has the confidence, the courage, to argue for his ideas even when they aren’t popular. Even when they don’t please his superiors.”

There is only one difference between leaders and followers. Leaders think differently from others, but followers do not. This is also the only requirement in the most disciplined army. Isn’t that the case in the business?

What is brainwashing?

Brainwashing is to remove the independent thinking ability of the masses, which is actually what politicians are best at. This is also Gustave Le Bon mentioned in the book “The Crowd“, in his great work on psychology a hundred years ago he wrote “when a group of people are together, the collective IQ of the crowd will drop significantly compared to one person!” The theory the root of .

General George Patton famously said, “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” Exactly the truth. There will be no exceptions for the rulers of the world, no matter ancient or modern, whether the so-called democratic or dictatorial regime. The reason is very simple. All ruling political parties do not want the people to have independent ideas. If the people have ideas, they will threaten the ruling parties.

Wealth is thought

Ayn Rand’s famous saying “Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.” There is a well-known book called “Think and Grow Rich“, and the whole book is actually written about this truth.

Think and Grow Rich

Benjamin Graham said, “There are two requirements for success in Wall Street. One, you have to think correctly; and secondly, you have to think independently. “

Successful investors requires independent thinking that is different from ordinary people

Howard Marks said in his most famous book “The Most Important Thing” is that the biggest difference between successful investors and ordinary people is that they need to have “Second-level thinking”, which is the so-called “Insight” in Chinese.

Think different
Credit: Daniel Reche

“Thinking cannot be outsourced.” This sentence is really classic. “Thinking is one of those things that can be learned but can’t be taught.” Keep this in mind!

Humans are social animals that live in groups and fear being different from others in order to survive. Investing is a huge test of human nature, the most important of which is that success requires independent thinking that is different from ordinary people.

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