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Simply put, please connect “Andy Lin’s long-term investment in US stocks Facebook fan page, Twitter, and LinkedIn” directly.

New arrangements

In the past couple of months, I was busy with the writing of the new book “The Rules of 10 Baggers“, and the code-development of many online tools for investors on this site, which took up a lot of time. Coupled with other factors, I have bben prety tight on my time. Now the book has been published, tools for investors on my website are almost all done and uploaded to my website one after another and published on this blog.

Granitefirm Facebook Group

Ge-ba as the administrator

We are honor to invite Mr. Ge Ba to join the Facebook group as an administrator. With the assistance of Mr. Ge Ba, we can provide better opinions, articles, and different in-depth views for friends who are long-term investors in US stocks. I believe that many readers of my blog and friends of our Facebook group have read many good articles by Mr. Ge Ba. Thank you Mr. Ge Ba for accepting the invitation.

Welcome to visit our administrator Mr. Ge Ba’s personal blog when you have time. Please click here for Mr. Ge Ba’s investment blog.

Rule updated

In order to make the positioning of our Facebook group clearer and easier for friends to follow and understand, we have updated the rules of our Facebook group today.

  • The purpose of this Facebook group is to focus on “long-term investment”, “growth company”, and “US stock” investment enthusiasts club, welcome friends to post relevant investment experience, views, messages, opinions, or recommend related books , articles, and web resources.
  • This group hopes that through the sharing and exchange of experience, the knowledge of investment will be enhanced, everyone can build investment rules and get rich as earlier as possible.
  • Please do not publish articles on internet fraud, phishing, selling various investment products, business articles, or articles containing embedded marketing in this group; in order to avoid illegal and cause unnecessary problems, related to these types articles will be deleted.

Comment on this blog

Articles from today will enable the comment function that was temporarily closed before. I apologize for the previous inconvenience. As time permits, I will do my best to reply to your messages.

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Simply put, please connect “Andy Lin’s long-term investment in US stocks Facebook fan page, Twitter, and LinkedIn” directly.

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