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long-term investment in US stocks

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We need facebook

Facebook has always been the social network with the widest audience because Facebook is so ubiquitous and convenient. For a long time, some friends have hoped that this blog can have a Facebook communication channel.

Existing Facebook Group

After many years of trying, I established a Facebook group called “Join Freely Facebook group for US stocks long-term investment“.

Where is the problem?

However, because this blog and my Facebook community reject any commercialized articles, I also spent a lot of time deleting and rejecting spam posts, phishing, scams, and professional postings. Therefore, people often retaliate and report to Facebook, making me into trouble.

As a result, the post was blocked by Facebook, please see”Facebook and Twitter restrictions: No more daily reposting blog post to Facebook group or Twitter“.

We move to Facebook fan page

But many friends have repeatedly advised me to restore my Facebook posts, because it will be more instant and convenient for most friends to share or read my posts immediately. In short, Facebook sharing is indeed necessary.

Therefore, please follow the Facebook fan group of this blog “Andy Lin’s long-term investment in US stocks Facebook fan page“, and the posts I publish will be shared with you on this Facebook fan group immediately.

Twitter of this blog

Twitter has more restrictions. I found that there is no problem with English posts so far, and Chinese content has been blocked. In any case, my post will still be shared with everyone on this “Andy Lin’s Twitter account for long-term investment in US stocks“.

LinkedIn for this blog

There are very few restrictions on LinkedIn, so this blog has always had a LinkedIn account, please follow “Andy Lin’s long-term investment in US stocks on LinkedIn“. Posts I make are also instantly shared with everyone on this LinkedIn account

Facebook fan page

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