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Nasdaq Index represents tech and growth stocks

The Nasdaq Index (the full name should be the Nasdaq 100 Index) is regarded as the growth and technology stocks of the U.S. stock market, and is a market index used to measure technology and growth momentum. Welcome to read my previous post “A table comparing S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Philadelphia Semiconductor Index over the years since its inception and annualized returns“.

The famous Invesco QQQ ETF tracks this index.

Features supported

This querier has two features:

  • Enter twodifferent values to query the annualized rate of return of the Nasdaq index between these two years
  • If the entered two years are the same, you can query the annual return of the Nasdaq index for that year

How to use this querier?

Users only need to click on this link to connect to the Nasdaq annualized rate of return query and see the following screen:

Querier to Annualized rate of return for Nasdaq Index

You need to input two values in above two fields:

  • Starting Year: For example, in the example in the screen, we enter 1971
  • Ending Year: For example, in the example in the screen, we enter 2021

After the input is completed, click the “Query” button on the screen, and you can see the query results in the “Query Results” area below.

Nasdaq Index
Credit: Wikimedia

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