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Stocks long-term investment Facebook and Twitter accounts

As a long-term investment endoresor, I have never had a Facebook account myself, because Facebook is so common and convenient, for a long time, some friends have hoped that I could have a Facebook communication channel. After a year of thinking, I established a Facebook group called “US Stocks Long-term investiment“, or follow my twitter.

Facebook and Twitter

Why have Facebook and Twitter aacounts?

The main purpose is to:

  • I want to express a topic or opinion related to US stocks or investment.
  • Suggestions for this blog not related to the topic of the post.
  • The readers of this blog sometimes need to communicate with each other, or want to know each other.
  • When a new article on my blog is published, I will post a link to let people who are used to slide Facebook every day know that there is a new post on this blog.
  • Announce information about my new books.
  • Publish information about articles I have written in other media.
  • Speeches and conference information, like my previouse new book launch event in Taipei.
  • Content opinions about my main website.

Join freely for long-term investment

Feel free to click on the link to join this “US Stocks Long-term investiment” Facebook community. No review is required. You can join or leave at any time as long as you have a Facebook account. Or follow my twitter.

Some thoughts

When I have time, I will often go to Facebook and Twitter to communicate with my friends, and I also thank many of my friends for their opinions.

After more than two weeks, I found that the Facebook group has a lot of restrictions, prohibiting multiple posting of links to the same domain, a headache. Twitter is better, and there are no restrictions and troubles in this regard.

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