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Facebook and Twitter

As a long-term investment endoresor, I have never had a Facebook account myself, because Facebook is so common and convenient, for a long time, some friends have hoped that I could have a Facebook communication channel. After a year of thinking, I established a Facebook group called “US Stocks Long-term investiment“.

Note: “Facebook and Twitter restrictions: No more daily reposting blog post to Facebook group or Twitter

Facebook and Twitter

Why have Facebook aacounts?

The main purpose is to:

  • I want to express a topic or opinion related to US stocks or investment.
  • Suggestions for this blog not related to the topic of the post.
  • The readers of this blog sometimes need to communicate with each other, or want to know each other.
  • When a new article on my blog is published, I will post a link to let people who are used to slide Facebook every day know that there is a new post on this blog.
  • Announce information about my new books.
  • Publish information about articles I have written in other media.
  • Speeches and conference information, like my previouse new book launch event in Taipei.
  • Content opinions about my main website.

Join freely for long-term investment

Feel free to click on the link to join this “US Stocks Long-term investiment” Facebook community. No review is required. You can join or leave at any time as long as you have a Facebook account.


When I have time, I will often go to Facebook to communicate with my friends, and I also thank many of my friends for their opinions.


  • You are welcome to express your views or leave a message on the Facebook and Twitter communities of “U.S. Stocks Long-Term Investment”.
  • Please do not post obvious stock speculation, short-term, fraudulent, phishing advertisements, or advertisements for various financial products. If found, they will be deleted immediately and blocked.
  • In addition to the fact that the account itself hates the sour people on the Internet, such ignorant, arrogant, hateful, attacking others, meaningless, obviously unspoken, and idiotic speeches are found to be deleted immediately and the account will be blocked and removed.

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