Chinese apps are taking over the world, accounting for 33% of global downloads

Chinese apps

Latest statistics

Chinese apps account for 33% of global downloads

According to the data of Sensor Tower, an American research company, it analyzes the new downloads of mobile programs (APP) of Google (ticker: GOOGL and GOOG) and Apple (ticker: APPL) from January to March this year. Of the 475 mobile apps ranked in the top five in 95 countries and regions including Japan, China, and the United States, 156 (equivalent to 33%) are Chinese mobile apps, and the proportion has increased compared to January to March 2020 About 8 percentage points.

Three Most Popular Companies

By APP, ByteDance’s Douyin (TikTok) has the most downloads, you are invited to read my previous post “TikTok, the rival of all social networks“, making it into the top five in 82 countries and regions (equivalent to 86% of the total). The company’s video editing app “CapCut” also saw significant growth, entering the top five in 48 countries (51% of the total).

In addition, the clothing online shopping app SheIn is a service that allows you to import clothing and groceries from China at low prices, and is especially popular among young people. Focusing on Spain, Brazil and other European and South American countries, it entered the top five in ten countries.

Pinduoduo’s (ticker: PDD) Temu is the most crazily downloaded mobile app by Americans this year, because inflation has made people’s lives miserable, and people began to go online to find low-priced goods online, making this app very popular.

Chinese app downloads occupy the top 4 in US

In terms of countries and regions, in the United States, Chinese apps occupy the top four of the top five, namely Pinduoduo’s Temu, ByteDance’s Douyin (TikTok), ByteDance’s CapCut, and SheIn ; only the fifth place is Meta (ticker: META) WhatsApp. In 90% of countries and regions, there are Chinese mobile apps in the top five, and only ten countries such as Japan and India do not have Chinese apps in the top five.

E-commerce apps dominate

Temu and Shein’s U.S. users close in on Amazon

A joint survey between Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the US research company shows that from the perspective of the overall number of global users in October, Amazon increased by 4% year-on-year, while Temu and Shein combined soared to 2.6 times.

The report pointed out that users of e-commerce platforms originating from China such as Temu and Shein have increased sharply in the United States. The total number of users of these two applications increased to approximately 110 million in October, quadrupling within one year, approaching 90% of the largest platform, Amazon in the United States.

Judging from the proportion of US users in the world, Temu is 41% and Shein is 18%, both exceeding Amazon (15%). The number of new downloads of these two apps in the United States is now nearly five times that of Amazon.

AliExpress sells globally

AliExpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba positioned as a global e-commerce platform, surpassed Amazon in downloads as early as March 2020 with 6.5 million downloads and 532 million unique visits.

Alibaba International Station’s platform transaction volume increased by 111% year-on-year in the first half of 2021.

Chinese game are even more amazing

40% of global top 100 mobile game revenues

According to the data from the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform, in April 2023, a total of 40 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the TOP 100 global mobile game publisher revenue list, attracting a total of nearly 2 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the current global TOP 100 mobile game publishers. 40% of income. Tencent (ticker: TCEHY), Mihayou, NetEase (ticker: NTES), and Lilith are the top four global mobile game publishers.

100 billion RMB annually for three consecutive years

The “2022 China Game Industry Report” was released on the 14th at the 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference held in Guangzhou. The report shows that the actual sales revenue of mainland China’s self-developed games in overseas markets has exceeded the annual scale of 100 billion yuan for three consecutive years.

Closing words

Perhaps many people will be brainwashed by Western and Taiwanese media, thinking that Chinese applications have security concerns. The main reason is that most of the news about China in the West and Taiwan is negative (even if the content of the report is clearly an achievement created by China), obliterating the amazing progress of many industries in China in the past two decades, but please use your elementary school exams wisdom on the line:

  • Why are so many Westerners crazy about downloading and recommending each other? Internet giants such as Alphabet, Microsoft (ticker: MSFT), Meta, and Amazon (ticker: AMZN) also develop programs with the same function, don’t they also do the same thing?  Then why do you think that the latter are clean on security? Are you sure? Or you just don’t know the answer to this question?
  • China’s program is not suddenly downloaded more, but most Taiwanese have an ostrich mentality, burying their heads in the ground, self-esteem, and sour grapes. They can’t face that they are far behind the mainland in all aspects. The objective facts of an opponent in the same magnitude, but from the bottom of my heart, I discriminate against the mainland that was still poor and despised 30 years ago. I deliberately turn a blind eye to it, and just want to live in the daydream of the four Asian tigers that once had prosperity in Taiwan but no longer exist. .
  • Have you ever used Taobao? Have you ever used shrimp skin? Have you ever used iQiyi (ticker: IQ)? What about WeChat (ticker: TCEHY)? What about TikTok? What about Little Red Book? What about your family or friends? None, are you sure your answer is no or never because it is impossible.
  • Why are these Chinese programs still unable to be banned after being banned by public agencies in Western countries headed by the United States for several years, but are becoming more and more popular in Western society? Why?
  • Why can’t Taiwan develop the top 100 mobile apps in the world? Is it because Taiwan is too small? Then why many European countries smaller than Taiwan or Israel can?
Chinese apps

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