Chinese apps are taking over the world, accounting for 33% of global downloads

Chinese apps account for 33% of global downloads, and the performance of Chinese game programs is even more astonishing.

Major artificial intelligence companies in US stocks market

Generative artificial intelligence, Barriers to Entry Are Too High

Why is Alibaba spin-off unanimously optimistic?

Alibaba’s current market value has been underestimated by the capital market for more than three years, and it is difficult to improve in the short term. A spin-off is the most effective way to increase Alibaba’s corporate value.

Stock split is a long-term stock bullish signal with brilent outlook

Stock split is a long-term stock bullish signal with brilent outlook, My previous articles in 5-5 of the book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing” and my blog post of “Why stock split? the strong reasons and impacts” and “The valuation influence of stock liquidity and stock split on listed companies”,

Deep Dive The Trade Desk

Introduction Company profile The Trade Desk (ticker: TTD), an independent digital advertising agency, was established in 2009. The reason why it can establish a leading position in the industry is mainly because the founder and CEO Jeff Green has 20 years of experience in the advertising technology industry. years of experience. He and co-founder David … Continue reading “Deep Dive The Trade Desk”

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