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Apple company culture

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Why I write this article?

Apple company culture, I believe that friends who have a simple understanding of Apple have always had many puzzled questions about Apple for a long time, and are curious about why many corporate cultures of this company, which has been the world’s largest listed company by market value for more than ten consecutive years, are always different from those of its technology peers. There is a great sense of curiosity. This is why I have written three related articles on this blog before:

After reading this article, I believe that most investors should be able to answer many questions about Apple over the years.

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Note that the original text of this article is in Simplified Chinese. Although the title of this article is Cook, senior investors who know Apple should all agree that Cook (please note it is not Jobs) is the leader in Apple’s corporate history, bringing Apple to the top in market value and continuing Apple company culture. He is the biggest hero for Apple Inc.

Why is this article important?

This is an article on the Internet, but after reading it personally, I think it is worth sharing with you on my blog. The reasons:

  • This is by far the most in-depth and complete description of Apple’s culture that I’ve personally seen.
  • The original text will not be too long, nor too short, but moderate in length.
  • The most important thing is that what this article describes is not far from the Apple company I have studied and read in the past ten years, heavyweight analysis reports, insider articles, and the Apple company I personally know.
 Apple company culture

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