Steve Jobs’s Apple innovation gone with him?

Steve Jobs

Don’t deify Steve Jobs!

Gossip can be destructive

As long as people have mentioned Apple (ticker: AAPL), the most frequently mentioned sentence is that after the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple has not innovated products in recent years. Every time I hear this brainless comments, I have a lot of opinions; I think most people are too susceptible to the influence of the media, troll, or hater! The misinformation that lacks common sense and is inconsistent with the facts, just a little bit of verification, should be dismissed. It can only be said that most people don’t know Apple too much.

Why is there such a phenomenon?

But why is this sentence accepted like a virus spreading rapidly? I think it’s mainly because of Jobs’ “Prince’s Revenge”, coupled with bringing Apple back to life. The story itself has too much dramatic tension. He died young and passed away when his career reached the peak. His achievements are nostalgic. There is no doubt about this. But he also set an ultra-high comparative threshold for the future of science and technology.

Secondly, Apple is the company with the largest value on the US stock market, which is eye-catching; of course, it will also trigger attacks from competitors, which is normal. Finally, people are used to using a magnifying glass to examine the people, things, places, and things under the focus of the spotlight, and the netizen have added to the flames to magnify this effect.

The successor to the founder is usually difficult to do

Even so, investors must understand the reason why an outstanding company with a long history is outstanding. It depends on whether the founder’s successor can inherit the founder’s mission, continue the core value of the company, or even reach new heights; otherwise, everything will be nothing more than in vain, there are many failures in business history. It now appears that Jobs had a unique vision during his lifetime, and he was fortunate to choose Cook (although Jobs complained that Cook had no expertise in product development), so that Apple’s culture could continue after his death.

Cook did not humiliate his mission, put the post-Jobs era Apple in an orderly manner, and led Apple to the peak of history. Cook used his performance to win the unanimous praise of Wall Street and the technology community, so netizen and most people hate Apple in the post-Jobs era had to shut their mouths because the performance and the numbers speak for themselves.

Apple is rarely the implementer of the latest technology

For a long time, Apple has not been the first manufacturer to introduce innovative technologies on the market. The early introduction of graphical operating system interfaces (GUI) by Apple computers caused worldwide astonished. But the graphical operating system interface was invented by Xerox (ticker: XRX), not Apple.

Apple did not invent the touch screen that was the cause of the earliest iPhone sales.

The latest is not necessarily the best

There is a fact that will subvert the knowledge of most people—the original inventors of new technologies rarely get rich from it. How to use it so that new inventions can be integrated into people’s lives, and those who can make good use of new technology or inventions to create the market that are needed can often become the final winners.

There are countless examples in the market. Take Microsoft (ticker: MSFT), the second-largest company in the U.S. stock market by market capitalization, as an example, many of the software that it makes money are actually not developed by Microsoft, but purchased. There are also people who ridicule the innovative capabilities of Microsoft’s products, ridiculing that Microsoft is relying on marketing to win, rather than product innovation, research and development.

History and market prove Apple is right

In 2014, when Apple first launched the iPhone 6.0, the whole world was full of criticism. Everyone was sarcasm for CEO Cook. After Apple lost Jobs, the only thing left was to make the screen bigger or smaller. It’s just the ability. But the market has proved that Cook is right. iPhone 6.0 is the best-selling iPhone in history. Its annual revenue rose 27.86% compared to the previous year. For a super company like Apple, this is an amazing achievement.

But now, 7 years later, most of the critics at the beginning have to admit that Cook and Apple’s vision at the time—without a larger screen, how would Apple promote the later Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+ and other new services? Would anyone be willing to stare at a 4-inch iPhone for a long time to chase dramas, go shopping, play video games, live broadcast, slide Facebook, or even reply to the boss’s work assignments?

Apple Pay, smart watch Apple Watch, wireless earphone Air Pods are all very successful; but these technologies are not invented by Apple. Have you ever thought about it: There are so many manufacturers that have these technologies and have launched similar products, but why can’t they sweep the market like Apple’s products?

Apple is always on the spotlight

If Apple’s innovation is no longer there, why have Apple’s every move or product release been followed so much? The technology industry also regards Apple’s products as the highest standard of benchmark? Moreover, Apple’s main products are not only the No. 1 sales in the industry, but also have a long-standing loyal fan. The market can speak for itself, this is the most objective evidence.

This is Apple’s way

Apple’s success lies in its ability to integrate software and hardware. It is good at finding key usage scenarios close to consumers, with sufficient technological maturity and reliability (if AirPower is a product of other companies, it would have been launched to make money long ago, but Why Apple canceled instead?) Can skillfully apply new technology to its products (it is rarely the inventor of new technology is able to do so), produce irreplaceable adhesiveness, and make sure that enough consumers need this product (have sufficiently and large enough market.

Please note that Apple cares that consumers need this product, not that Apple wants to launch this product), and then launch it at the right time – This is Apple’s core competitiveness, long-term product strategy and innovation (you read it right, and I didn’t write words wrong, it’s innovation).

credit: GDJ

Steve Jobs is not god

When Steve Jobs died, the last word to Cook was to let Cook be himself. When making a decision, don’t ask Jobs what he would do. In an interview, Cook also said that although Apple agrees with the vision that Jobs was alive, when making decisions, “We will not let Apple be controlled by it, we will not think about it.” If it were Jobs, what would he do?” We don’t think that way.”

Never follow crowd, the crowd are always blind.

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