Why Apple’s new features always come later?


Investors may have long wondered why many new features have appeared on other competitors’ products, but Apple is always slow, sometimes offering it many years later, or even not offering it. It makes many users feel unreasonable.

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The company’s core values and culture

Pursue long-term success

Apple has never rushed to launch products for short-term gain. Samsung phones were years ahead of Apple in introducing facial recognition, but as soon as it launched, many people took photos to unlock their phones. It sounds ridiculous, and it has this vulnerability from S8 to S10. Samsung website admitted this, and users are advised to use it with care. This is not the case at Apple.

Apple rarely invents something completely new

Most people leave no stone unturned every day to find companies that invent new technologies. It is better to subvert the market and obtain business opportunities, which is even more better. But the reality is cruel, and it is not as simple as most people think. History has proved that it is not this type of company that finally makes a lot of money.

Apple is rarely the inventor of the technology, neither the Windows operating system nor the touch-enabled phone were invented by Apple. But the most successful Windows operating system is not Microsoft’s Windows, but Apple’s macOS. The most successful touch-based mobile phone is the iPhone, which has completely changed people’s lives in the past 15 years.

High expectations

Apple is very demanding

Apple has high requirements for its own products. For example, the AirPower wireless charger has been developed for a long time, but it reluctantly gave up because it could not solve the heat problem. However, according to the standards of other manufacturers in the market, it will be launched to make a profit. Because most manufacturers believe that no product is perfect, and after all, there are only a few customers who will complain. This understanding of most manufacturers determines why there is only one company with the level of Apple in the world.

Apple users are also very demanding of Apple

It is an indisputable fact that Apple users have high requirements for Apple products. The leaders of most companies (especially well-known multinational listed companies) are very big, and they think that users can be at their mercy, and seldom apologize for a small function defect of a product. But Apple, the world’s most valuable company, is not that kind of company, which is one of the main reasons why the company has so many loyal customers and why it is so successful and great.

In 2010, Jobs held a public press conference for the bad reception incident of the iPhone and admitted: “We are not perfect.” He announced Apple will have a workaround to fix it before the media.

After the launch of Apple Maps in 2012, the miserable bet made it rare for Apple’s CEO Cook to publicly apologize to users for the incident in front of the media.

Have you seen the CEO of Samsung publicly apologize for the vulnerability that unlocked his own phone with photos?

Media and Competitors

Have you ever wondered why every year when the iPhone is launched, there is almost no need to advertise? Why is there always a bunch of so-called experts pointing fingers at it, criticizing it for nothing, and underestimating its sales prospects. But it’s still a big sell. Why can’t mobile phones from other manufacturers attract such attention? And why do Apple’s competitors always use it as a benchmark?

This is advertising, this is invisible influence, and another form of supervision. All of this forces Apple to get ahead of everyone else, and that’s why it succeeds.

Apple's new feature
Credit: Firmbee

Medical features need to be more cautious

Uniqueness of Medical Features

Last but not least, it’s no joke that healthcare and detection require “absolute correctness”; and FDA certification is required to launch.

Focus on accuracy

Therefore, Apple will launch the healthcare features after confirming that the relevant features can be trusted and accurate; but this is not necessarily the case for other manufacturers. As an example, body temperature measurement is the most typical example of this. Apple removed the temperature-taking function on the Apple Watch 7 because the algorithm failed to qualify before it entered the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) phase last year.

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