Seeking Alpha greatly improve the investment ability of US stocks

Seeking Alpha

In one sentence, Seeking Alpha is very, very important! At least for someone like me who only invests in US stocks. And for more than a decade I’ve paid for a bunch of non-existent, messy services; I personally think it’s better.

Disclaimer: I have no interest connection with Seeking Alpha. This article is purely my personal experience and opinions and is for reference only.

Same group as the Wall Street Journal

Seeking Alpha is a website worth recommending to investors in US stocks. It belongs to the same group as The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

It’s paid service

Starting in 2021, Seeking Alpha will also start charging (news and general information update are currently not charged, but in-depth analysis articles are charged), readers who just joined will not feel it, because it will have a buffer period, a warnings will pop up when the number of articles read exceeds their limit. It has the most in-depth and professional analysis of US stocks. Many buy-side analysts and professionals will publish articles here. The articles are in-depth and readable. But the disadvantage for Taiwanese investors is that it is all in English.

What are the main contents?

It has several types of content:

  • Contributed by experts, analysis reports on various listed companies; this is the most worth reading part. (paid users only)
  • The most real-time news about each listed company; including news, mergers and acquisitions, changes in the management team, etc.
  • Fundamental information of each listed company, financial report figures in recent years, etc.
  • Reference files and information of quarterly earning call including the documents, press releases, recording files of the conference call, slides of the conference call, verbatim drafts of the conference call, etc. (paid users only)

Advice for initial readers

Since the good and original U.S. stock information is in English, you still need to adapt to the English language. I believe it can be overcome for most people. You can read the three-to-five-line abstract at the beginning of the in-depth article. The article is very disciplined. These 3-5 lines summarize the main idea of the entire article (because Seeking Alpha will pay the author, so authors are required to write in the format).

This is what I have learned over the past ten years; after you have read the abstracts of all the in-depth articles, start with a specific company you are most interested in, and read the entire article. Many of their articles are really in-depth, and time spent is inevitable. Moreover, their article editors require the author to validate, so the content can be trusted. Of course, you can have a different view of long and short from the author, but the content is expected. This is what I mean.

Why is it worth paying for a subscription?

As I mentioned on section 4-2 of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, if anyyone insists that I can only choose one source of US stock information, I would recommend Seeking Alpha. Personally, I think it’s worth paying to subscribe:


The information is real-time, 24 hours a day (you read it right, regardless of day and night), it will send and update any news of any company listed on the US stock market at any time, and update it accordingly. Seeking Alpha’s information and update speed, and amount of data can be described as “information overload”. I’m afraid that you don’t have time to read, or tou are too lazy, otherwise you can’t complain about not having enough US stock information.

For US stock investor professionals

Unless you invest in U.S. stocks just for fun, non-serious, optional, or don’t care about money-losing from it; if you are determined to fully understand the dynamics of listed companies in U.S. stocks, especially if you want to become a professional investor in a certain field or company, those investors who want to get rich in the US stocks for a long time should consider spending money to subscribe.

Democratize stock market information

Retail investors often complain that the weapons are not equal, Wall Street has information that retail investors do not have, and small retail investors cannot obtain real-time information on US-listed companies. Suggest you read my previous blog post “The disadvantages of retail investors“.

Unless it is illegal or insider trading information, as long as U.S. stocks listed companies must disclose documents and information to investors in accordance with the law, such as meetings held by each company from time to time with institutional investor, meeting documents and verbatim drafts of investor meetings, Seeking Alpha, in general, it will be reported, attached and provided. It makes U.S. stock information popular and fair.

Seeking Alpha

Complete information

With more than ten years of personal experience, it rarely misses inportabt news. I mean, Seeking Alpha will excerpt (this is very helpful, it has been sorted out for you, only the key points) about all the real-time news of US stocks listed companies, this is enough for retail investors, if you want to be in-depth understanding of the news, you can read the original content from the source of the news or news according to the information released by Seeking Alpha (it will indicate the source of the news or news).


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  • I shall not be liable for any damages or other legal liabilities for the direct or indirect losses caused by the readers’ direct or indirect reliance on and reference to the information on this site, or all the responsibilities arising therefrom, as a result of any investment behavior.

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