How young salary people could get rich by stock?

get rich by stock

Get rich by stocks is possible, because the barriers to entry for stocks are low, almost everyone has a chance.

Impossible to get rich from salary, dispite how good the job is

Nowadays, due to the low salary, more and more young people (not only in Taiwan, this is a common problem in all countries in the world, especially in East Asian countries) no longer believe that they can retire with peace of mind by working, and no one imagines that they can afford to buy a house on their own, this resulted in more and more young people buying stocks to get rich.

However, there are still some people who think that they have low income and too little money, and have been afraid to invest. Most people in this society were ordinary office workers from the beginning, dreaming of achieving wealth freedom (Please refer to my blog article “Financial independence (freedom of wealth)“).

Buffett said: “Investment is simple, but not easy.” He emphasized: “But of course, if they (i.e. Financial experts and Wall Street) told everybody what a simple game it was, 90% of the income of the people that were speaking would disappear.

Experience share

Here I still have some of my own experiences, opinions, thoughts, and tips to share with you:

  • To hold on to the stock market is to make quick money or to participate in the stock market with a gambler’s mentality. It was completely wrong from the beginning. Make sure you don’t think so in your heart to get rich. Because what we want is a long stream of water that can make money for you every year. You can make money for you when you go to work or sleep. The real advantage of stock market investment is here.
  • Think about it, “Rome is not built in a day!” Emerson’s famous saying,: “Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.”
  • I suggest you take a look at my blog article “The advantages of young people investing in stock market?“.
  • When you are young, it is normal that you don’t have much money; investing requires experience and patience. It’s better than when you were a little older and without sufficient experience and lost a lot of money in a silly manner, causing fear or loss of confidence in stock market investment. What we want is long-term investors who can survive to get rich.
    • Taiwan stocks have opened up odd shares investment in 2020. Meaning you can even buy one share, instead of 1,000 share in a lot.
    • U.S. stocks can only be bought one share at a time, and now they have zero handling fees.
    • With limited funds, the petty bourgeoisie can save enough money, wait patiently, carefully analyze the companies on the watch list, a few months later, wait for the market to pull back significantly (it would be better if the market crashes) before entering the market to pick up the bargains. It will not lead to lose money by impulsive shooting or making mistakes, so this is a good thing.
  • The correct investment concept is very important. Be sure to read legend investment books first: Do not start trading before you have read more than three legend investment books. You can refer to some of the investment books listed in my blog article “Primer books for investing in the stock market“, choose the one that suits your level, and read it in detail.
  • Start as early as possible, stick to it (it’s no use just making up your mind), and keep investing money to succeed.
  • Don’t chase the touted stocks. For this part, please see my other blog post “Investors who chase for touted stocks“.
  • “Long-term” investment will be successful, and it will definitely succeed in getting rich. Please pay attention to “long-term”. For this part, please see my other blog post “Why long-term investment?“. Unless you are not fortune enough (the probability is extremely low), choose the right stocks that are worth holding for a long time and are competitive, the probability of not rising after five years is very, very low (the US stock market has a history of hundreds of years, the worst circumstances, if you close your eyes and guess a stock randomly and choose to buy at the highest point, it will still rise after 18 years; the statistical result is that the probability of holding a profit for 1 year is 68%, and holding it for 10 years and profitable, the probability is 88%); for a detailed description and historical statistics, please refer to the first chapter 1-1 section of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”.
  • Eliminate common misconceptions and myths: Don’t borrow money to invest, don’t sell short, don’t invest in derivative investment products such as options or futures – these investment methods will only accelerate the loss of your hard-earned hard-earned money, please see my other blog post “Investment concept not worth trying at all“.
  • Refer to the contents of my preface and section 1-1 in the first chapter of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”; I believe it will be very helpful to the young investors.
get rich by stock
credit: Nattanan Kanchanaprat

Use proven, long-term investment methods to succeed

Finally, I sincerely recommend that you “adopt investment methods that have been validated by countless people, and do long-term investment” will surely succeed. Say no to all stocks, and only invest in companies that have strong moat competitiveness, long-term growth potential, have a market, and have proven sustainable profitability.

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