Great primer books for Investing in the stock market

Primer book

Easy to read first

Many readers of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing” who have no experience in investing in the stock market or who are new to the stock market have written to me and asked me to recommend a few books to them. The following are some of the primer books I personally recommend most for stock newbie.

These books are easy to read and suitable for getting started. If you look at it carefully, even if it’s an investment novice, it’s not a problem to read one book in a day or two (except for the financial report book, because financial report reading requires basic and accumulated experience and cannot be done quickly. It is impossible to read all financial reports and understand immediately.

The first category: establish correct basic investment concepts

  • How Buffett Does It
    • by James Pardoe
    • Even if there is no investment experience, the content is very simple and easy to understand, the book is very thin, but the content is excellent.
    • If you’re focus, you can finish it in two or three hours.
    • A thin but great primer book, strongly recommend to a stock newbie.
  • Getting Started in Value Investing
    • by Charles S. Mizrahi
    • An introductory book that almost covers the basics and correct knowledge of stock investment.
    • People with no investment experience can read it all in one morning or afternoon, at least in one day.

The second category: Financial statement analysis

The books on financial statements are similar; they cannot be done quickly, must work hard (this is a necessary process that cannot be skipped), and repeated reviews will be effective. There is no financial report book that will allow you to understand the financial report of listed companies immediately after you finish reading the book.

Don’t believe that there is a book that can understand the financial reports of listed companies immediately after reading it — Because the understanding of accounting and financial reports needs to be developed, digested, experienced, and practiced regularly; it is a typical hard knowledge. Financial reporting and accounting are common and necessary languages in the business world. Just like any new language you learn, you must first learn the consonant and vowels and continue to practice before fluent.

  • Guide to Analysing Companies
    • by Bob Vause
    • The content is solid, covering the financial reporting knowledge that all stock investors should understand. People with no investment experience can read it all in one morning or afternoon, at least in one day.
    • Books published by The Economist, with excellent content and quality.

The third category: readable legend books

A primer books on stock investment that is life-like, popular, easy to read, fluent in writing, highly readable, attractive in content, and rich in knowledge. These two books are easy to read and understand, read them carefully, don’t be distracted, even if you don’t have investment experience, you can read them in two or three days, and you will definitely be rewarded.

Primer book
credit: Ksenia Chernaya

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