Any reason to buy mutual fund?

Any choice for investors? I still remember when I first came out of school, investors who wanted to invest in the stock market but were unable to actively choose stocks by themselves would be “educated” to buy mutual funds. At least in that era, stock mutual funds is the only choice for those who want … Continue reading “Any reason to buy mutual fund?”

Tencent vs. Alibaba, deep dive on significant differences in operation

I have written several in-depth articles about Alibaba and Tencent, two of the largest and representative technology giants in contemporary China, on my blog, and they have received enthusiastic responses from many friends. This article is going to explore a deeper level and the reasons behind the major differences in the operations of the two … Continue reading “Tencent vs. Alibaba, deep dive on significant differences in operation”


I recently re-read several investment books and found that one of them is worth recommending to everyone. After reading it these few days, I thought it was great, so I hurried to find out the record of my previous reading, and found that I had read this book before, but I didn’t care about it … Continue reading “Outsiders”

Introduction to venture capital and unicorns

What is a unicorn? Although this term has actually existed for about 20 years, as far as I can remember, most people in the investment world did not pay attention to the term unicorn at least before the financial turmoil in 2008. However, in the past ten years, it has gradually occupied all the financial … Continue reading “Introduction to venture capital and unicorns”

The most two serious killers to investors: inflation and rate

This article is going to talk about the two most important things affecting investors, inflation and interest rates. Buffett mentioned that investors should pay attention to inflation and interest rates. These two things have a profound impact on investment returns. Although I have written in my blog article “How investors should look at economic trends … Continue reading “The most two serious killers to investors: inflation and rate”

Choose Media Wisely

Because the influence of the media is too strong, and investors need to absorb new knowledge and necessary knowledge, various media access is an inevitable way for investors. This article will take a look at the characteristics of the media that modern investors understand and compare their strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing is … Continue reading “Choose Media Wisely”

Invest success depends on less chance of making mistakes

Risk depends on the probability of making a mistake For the definition of risk, I think Buffett’s statement is the most appropriate: “the possibility of loss or injury.” (from: BRK Annual Meeting 1994) and “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”  In order to accumulate wealth, you have to take risks; and risk often … Continue reading “Invest success depends on less chance of making mistakes”

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