Multilingual website launched – Simplified and Traditional Chinese plus English

Multilingual website

Today, I finally completed the suggestions of many readers: the multilingual website is online; the three language versions of Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English can be switched online immediately.

The reason

Due to the long-term response of many friends, I hope to have the website content in simplified Chinese. Mainly because many non-Taiwanese friends have always suggested that I should set up and translate the website contents to a simplified Chinese version at least, because only friends in Taiwan and Hong Kong are accustomed to Traditional Chinese, and friends who use Chinese in other parts of the world are accustomed to reading Simplified Chinese. When they want to introduce my profile to their friends, they will post links to their friends for some things on my website. Reading traditional Chinese is a bit tiring.

Multilingual website
credit: Fiverr

In Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English

Now my website can be switched among Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. There are national flag icon in the corresponding languages on the top of each page of the website content, just click on it. The website in Simplified Chinese has been launched today, and the link is posted below:



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