Walking helps thinking, get you recharged and refeshed


Take a break

Thinking takes effort and energy. Earlier I mentioned that investment is actually a boring, tedious, long-term, lonely, basic research that needs to be repeated. (Please refer to the description of my other blog post “Full-time investor, not attractive or fascinated“) Time, patience, and discipline are the three major elements of successful investment. Here comes the problem. Few people can endure these things for a long time, and humans rarely stay focused for more than 30 minutes.

When I was very young before, I also experienced that the efficiency of writing programs during normal working hours during the day was much better than after work. This actually happened to all people at work.

Simple and effective walking

Later, when I was doing investment research, including reading news, reading books, interpreting financial reports, analyzing data, and comparing companies, I also found that I encountered the same problems and it was difficult to take a long time (such as a whole day or a whole afternoon). ) Carry out tedious and cumbersome investment research “for a long time” to maintain good efficiency. Later I found that turning off the computer or closing the book, going out to climb the hills near my home, simply exercising, walking, or going to the supermarket, breathing new air, after returning, the efficiency will be much better. In these activities, I especially recommend “walking”.

There are many benefits to going out for a walk

I often feel dizzy in the room. When I go out for a walk, I think about some investment issues or decisions I was thinking about, and suddenly I feel suddenly open, or the answer pop up automatically; to be honest, I really don’t know why this is the case. The trick is not to go to places with a lot of people and try to do these things by yourself. At this time, you will let yourself go, and your thoughts will suddenly become clear.

Taking a walk will make you leave all complex emotions, soothe your mind and body, simplify your thoughts, stretch your muscles and bones, and enter the most relaxed state. These are all key factors that can promote efficiency. If you can choose where you live nearby (on the principle of not having to drive or take a car), when there is sunshine, go to a large park with greenery, or take a walk around the hill near you, the effect will be better.

This is a better explanation. The phentonin released by the plant trees in these places helps to relax the body and mind. In the long term, it will make the human body generate serotonin, dopamine, etc., which is beneficial to health and work efficiency. It is the result of many years of research with medical evidence — Serotonin can eradicate stress, reduce stress and irritability, make people feel better, and eliminate depression. Dopamine makes the brain feel happy, which in turn promotes efficiency and positive thinking.

Celebrities recommend

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard stated that “walking can bring me into the best state of mind.” And said Kierkegaard “Since ancient times, walking and thinking have been close partners.” Darwin even stated that “The best thinking results are not done in his study, but done outdoors.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau often walks in the forest inspired them writing. Thoreau even wrote an article “Walk” on this topic. Immanuel Kant, Ludwig van Beethoven and Friedrich Nietzsche are all obsessive walkers.

According to research conducted by the psychologist Marilyn Oppezzo of Stanford University, the score of creativity increased by 60% after walking. Walking changes our brains, not only affecting creativity, but also improving our memory. According to research by Jennifer Weuve of the Boston University School of Public Health, walking can also reduce the rate at which cognitive ability declines over time. While cognitive decline is the most obvious early symptom of Alzheimer disease and Parkinson’s disease, walking has also been proven to resist this neurodegenerative diseases.

Credit: Viktor Hanacek


Apple’s Jobs is notoriously fond of walking and having meetings, and Facebook’s Zuckerberg has conducted “walking meetings” as well. Please note that in many plays, when the characters in the play are in tension, when facing important decisions or facing major difficulties, people always pace back and forth. This is the reason.

Walking does not cost money, does not take physical strength, and walking more is good for the body; it can make people’s thinking active, stimulate boundless curiosity, and inject new vitality into creativity and thinking.

I suggest you give it a try.


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