Dear Shareholder

After reading Dear Shareholder, I was reminded of “Outsiders” which I introduced on this blog.

Twitter acquisition is a modern version of ‘Barbarians at the Door’

Twitter acquisition is a modern-day version of ‘Barbarians at the Door’, First of all, if you haven’t read “Barbarians at the Gate”, which is regarded as the most classic Wall Street M&A and business war related books or movies in history, please find time to read it.

How does JPMorgan Chase make money?

JPMorgan Chase is named after the founder of one of the companies in the group, which has long been inseparable from the banking industry. The merger of its businesses involved many of its major competitors in the past.

How does Starbucks make money? and the current predicament

How does Starbucks make money? and the current predicament. I mentioned in subsections 5-6 of the book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing” that it is a company that has been confirmed to be successful, and the stock has been split 6 times so far.

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