Financial independence (Freedom of wealth)


Investing is the most likely way to achieve financial independence

This is a topic that most people care about. Let’s talk about my opinion. Successful stock investment is the easiest way to help most ordinary people achieve financial independence (I don’t think anyone would think that getting a salary at work can become a rich person? Unless you live in an ivory tower, only a few people have the ability to start up a business, after company successfully goes public, and then makes a lot of money); You can refer to my other blog article “The advantages of stock investment, except money“.

My perceived freedom of wealth

Regarding the financial independence that most people talk about, my personal view is more non-monetary freedom, including:

Freedom of mind

You don’t have to show up every day when you don’t want to , do things you don’t want to do, say something insincere, force yourself to do things that are against your will, and don’t have to worry about your conscience finding out that you have done something you shouldn’t do after many years. When we can feel true inner peace, it is spiritual freedom.

Your own values

you don’t have to be scrutinized, you can be yourself, you don’t have to care about other people’s opinions, you don’t have to live for others.

Don’t have to look at people’s faces

Don’t be bullied and swallow, say whatever you like, don’t listen to people nonsense, you don’t need to be contaminated by the same people without knowing it, you don’t have to be a social animal, you don’t have to accommodate anyone or anything, and you don’t need to pay attention to the fact that blood pressure will soar with a pile of garbage meetings. You don’t have to spend time with people you hate, you don’t have to worry about sour people, you don’t have to be emotionally blackmailed; these have nothing to do with you from now on.

After you are rich, “What we really want is independence.” Buffett said: “The really great thing is that if you can do what you want to do in life and associate with the people you want to socialize in life, we all uphold this spirit. This is One of the luxuries in life.

Freedom in time

No more need to wear a watch, no need to set up a calendar, no need to worry about whether the alarm clock will ring.

Freedom of thought

Only when you think freely can you have freedom of thought. Without boundaries, you can create great (not necessarily famous) works, and the ultimately it will bring you wealth.


Live for yourself without relying on others or expecting others.

Financial independence

Don’t have to do things for money

You don’t need to start with profit, don’t need to consider returns, you can put your enthusiasm on the people and things you want to do, get along with the people you care about, pursue your dreams, and rediscover yourself. Many people who are not so rich can be happy because they are doing what they are willing to do. As you are financial independence, you don’t need more money.

Freedom of mind when getting old

When we start to grow old, we no longer care about the affirmation of others, no longer care about whether we can excel at work, do not need to be blessed by external high-end food, transportation and housing, or show off our status sign — We begin to pay more attention to whether we are doing what is really important and what we want to do from our hearts. This is the happiness and freedom we pursue in our life.

Money is not freedom, your time and heart are.


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