The advantages of stock investment, except money

Stock Investment

Many people, especially office workers with salary depended on others, don’t want to work 9 to 5 all their life, want to achieve “Financial independence (Freedom of wealth)” as soon as possible, and use stock investment to achieve this dream.

Long-term enthusiasm

When communicating with many friends, the advantages and disadvantages of investing in stocks are always discussed. This article discusses the advantages first, because most people are not interested in the disadvantages. What this article discusses has nothing to do with money. If you invest in stocks for money, it will be no different from working at work. Although it is possible to make money, it is difficult to have enthusiasm. If no enthusiasm, it is difficult go for a long time, because there is no way to bet on enthusiasm for a long time. If this continues, the greatest benefit of stock investment will be lost───which will bring you long-term compound interest.

Advantages of investing in stocks

In my personal opinion, the advantages of investing in stocks include (please note that most of them have nothing to do with money):

  • The possibility of financial independence: stock investment is, for most people, except for doing business to make a lot of money or operating a large-scale enterprise and then going public (both of which are only available to a few people), it is the easiest way to achieve financial independence. You are welcome to refer to another blog post on my blog about “Financial independence (Freedom of wealth)“.
  • Provide a sense of security: As long as you are not adopting a short-term or gambler mentality to invest in stocks, the investment mentality is correct, and the proven successful method is used. Even a prudent or extremely conservative stock investment method can bring you a long-term sense of security, because the long-term trend of stocks must be upward. Young people don’t have to lose their vision of the future and their ideals because of the low salary.
  • Stock investment is one of the very few businesses that can be pursued throughout your life: as long as you are willing and you have physical strength, you can engage in stock investment for the rest of your life until the moment you leave the world. Philip Fisher and Bernard Baruch, when they were in their 90s, both confessed that they would call the stockbroker to place an order to trade stocks.
  • Have fun and find the focus of life: After many people retire from the workplace, their lives become weightless (you can’t experience it for young friends), and many people are aging rapidly mentally and physically, mainly because they can’t find the focus of life, just like Japanese housewife thinks that the retired man is just a cupboard occupying a place in the house. Stock investment allows you to continue your major and convert your major into a circle of ability to invest in stocks, which can be used to expand different life circles (whether physical or online), so that you can find the second spring of your life; because modern people have a long lifespan. Even if you are still working hard in the workplace, by investing in stocks, you can find another day for yourself outside of your daily work.
  • Freedom of movement: stock investment does not need to be restricted by places. As long as there is an Internet connection, you can trade, and you can conduct data research as long as you have a mobile device.
  • Suitable for personal investment: stock investment is a rare cause where more resources are invested, but output or return will not be proportional. Moreover, under normal circumstances (especially retail investors like you and me) the more resources you invest, the output or return will be inversely proportional. More people or more resources will not get in the way; it will not bring any advantage to your return on investment.
  • The entrance is lower: Almost everyone is able to join stock investing because there is no limitation except small capital requirement. Entrance bar is lower, however, invest success to make big money is not easy.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment: The beauty of stock investment is that you only need to compete with yourself and you can set your own expectations and goals. You don’t have to compare or compete with others at all. You can challenge your infinite possibilities and gain a sense of accomplishment beyond money.
Stock Investment

A career that can last a lifetime

It is not easy to find a career and interest that can be pursued for a lifetime, but stock investment can be.


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