Successful investors must persist to the end


Why is persistence important?

Investment is a life’s marathon, which must be persisted to the end. In section 1-1, of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing,” I stated clearly that “you must persist and have self-control for a long time, otherwise no matter how many and best methods are in vain. Why do most people losing weight and quitting smoking are easy to fail? If you can’t persist in perseverance for a long time., just making up your mind is useless.”

Why is it useless not to stick to the end

We often face a situation. Seeing a stock that has recently risen so much that it has caused discussion and media reports, investors always say sourly, “That’s nothing! I bought this stock back then. It’s just luck. Okay, if I didn’t sell, I would earn more than him.” Successful investors often encounter such hater, but these haters have never thought about how the successful investors who have worked hard to achieve this achievement?

Most of the investors who can make a lot of money, and finally succeed, none of them rely on luck. Investors who rely on luck cannot be successful investors who make big money. I have thought deeply about this thing. Interested readers are advised to refer to my other blog article “Whether a successful investor can be sustained?

Another point is that most of the masses do not trust the so-called long-term investment, which is a necessary condition for successful investment in the stock market. They always find excuse for themselves. People always think that they are smarter than others. Those who choose long-term investment are fools and use their funds inefficiently, these comments are paradoxical fallacies and are self-righteous. Interested readers, it is recommended to refer to my other blog article “Why long-term investment?

How to stick to it?

It is difficult to stick to the end, but there are still many methods that can be used:

  • Invest only in the circle of competence: Only by investing in the circle of competence can you have confidence in your holdings; this is the most important point. For the reason, please refer to my other blog article “Circle of competence“. You can listen to how Buffett talk about “Warren Buffett – How To Know Your Circle Of Competence
  • Focus on the facts: stick to your own investment principles and do not make exceptions for any reason or external factors. Just look at the facts and let the numbers speak to the actual results.
  • Ignore all noises: don’t listen to, don’t ask other people’s opinions, don’t buy and sell stocks on the news, don’t believe in the halo of celebrities. There is only one enemy on the investment road, and that is you, and it has nothing to do with other people.
  • Where there are a lot of people, don’t mix things up: the masses are always blind, don’t dance with them.
  • Read legend investment books: Investors should not underestimate the power of reading. Books are valuable, but not many. Reading has irreplaceable benefits for investors, and it is an invisible inner force that supports successful investors. Through the reading of legend investment books, you can remind yourself of the right investment method, correct your wrong ideas, and make yourself focused and calm down. Please refer to my other blog post “The Irreplaceable and necessity of Reading for Investors

It’s difficult to stick to the end

Persevering to the end is extremely difficult, but you can’t just turn a blind eye because of difficulties and find excuse for yourself–this is something that few people pay attention to, and rarely arouses discussion in the financial media. Many trivial investment skills seem to be ordinary, and investors dismiss it. However, it plays an extremely important role on the road to successful investment. Underestimating these subtle tricks can lead to fatal results; “stick to the end” is one of the most typical ones.

As I said in my previous article, do not invest in the long-term, do not stick to the end; any super growth stocks that perform well will at best be what you once owned.

credit: Julius Tejeda

Closing words

Think clearly:

  • That’s your money, and nobody else cares, except yourself.
  • Investing is about competing with yourself and not caring what others think.


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