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What’s DISC?

DISC theory (D: Dominance, I: Influence, S: Steadiness, C: Compliance) was developed by American psychologist Dr. Marston in 1920.According to the ancient Greek personality theory to explore the personality and behavior style developed by human behavior patterns, the famous psychological test can be used to test, evaluate and help people improve their behavior, interpersonal relationships, and work performance, teamwork, leadership style, etc. Because the 90-year history of time and space tests have proved its practicality and reliability, it has been valued and adopted by major companies around the world.

I have done a total of three DISC tests in the early, mid, and late stages of my career. I still deeply remember that the total score and the scores of each sub-item are not very different, and they have not changed much with age; the point is , I think it is consistent with my own personality perception. It is recommended that those who are interested or who have not done this test can take the test online by themselves, and get a good understanding of themselves based on the scores.

Why I mention DISC test?

The reason why I mention the DISC test is to emphasize that every investor should first have a clear understanding of himself; that is, an understanding of his own personality, because this is the decisive factor for the success or failure of an investment. It’s like when major league scouts are exploring young and potential pitchers around the world, there is only one main observation item: ball speed. Because ball speed is almost innate, it is difficult to get a substantial increase through acquired training.

Trait decides whether invest success

If you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with successful investment minds, or read their well-known articles and books, you will come to a common conclusion: personality traits are one of the most critical factors that determine whether an investor can succeed in an investment career (Other key points are long-term investment, discipline, and patience; these three points are also in the category of human personality to some extent), not the amount of capital, investment skills, investment principles, investment targets, etc. most common people recognize thought of these reasons.

There are too many examples around you and me. You have bought super-growth stocks, but due to various factors (almost all of them are caused by personality), you can’t hold yourself long and miss the possibility of getting rich. So if you have a full understanding of your personality, especially if you have distinctive personality traits such as discipline and patience, then I would like to congratulate you first, because you are inherently superior to most people in terms of investment success.

But this does not mean that you are completely immune to the investment mistakes most investors make; this refers to the difference in degree relative to most people. It does not mean that people with suitable personality traits will be able to succeed in investing. Of course, it does not mean that people with less popular personality traits have no possibility of success.

Because investment is a long life marathon, and talented people only mean that they have a certain extent, there are many necessary conditions for investment to be successful. Personality is only one of the important ones. The key is that you have to get to know yourself as soon as possible and make good use of the advantages that are gifted to you. Work hard, otherwise it is impossible to invest success.

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It’s best to know your character early

On the other hand, if you learn early that your personality does not have an advantage in investment, you can still make efforts and adjustments (although it is harder, but most of the people around you and me belong to this category). For example, remind yourself not to commit investment myths that most people fall into or common inappropriate investment behaviors. The best way is to read the legend works of successful investors and to adopt successful investment methods that have been validated by countless people.

This is why I have repeatedly advocated that investors must record their investment history in detail, and write down their investment principles (at least simply); because through notes (please see my blog article “What information should investors take notes? Why?“), you can remind yourself not to make mistakes and increase the probability of investment success.

Why I know your traits is important. George Goldman (pseudonym Adam Smith) said, “If you don’t know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out.”


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