Mr. Ge Ba talks about value and price again

Note: Following Mr. Ge Ba’s previous article “Ge Ba’s wonderful views on price and stop loss”, he put forward a wonderful palindrome view on my previous article “The Misunderstanding of Price and Value”. Yesterday, thanks to his willingness to sacrifice rest and spend a lot of time on holidays, based on recent volatility in growth … Continue reading “Mr. Ge Ba talks about value and price again”

What should a investment philosophy include?

I found that investment books and media in Taiwan like to use the four words “investment method of mentality”. Mainland China, Hong Kong, or the United States are not like Taiwan. The media like to explore the “investment method of mentality” of successful investors. . However, I personally always think that Taiwan’s translation or use … Continue reading “What should a investment philosophy include?”

Full-time investor

As everyone knows that I am now a full-time investor, I discussed this topic with a few people a few days ago. Friends have been asking me under what circumstances can investors quit their jobs and concentrate on investing. Everyone’s situation is different, and my own ideas encompass two aspects. Financial preparation You need to … Continue reading “Full-time investor”

Investors’ DISC test to assess your traits

What’s DISC? DISC theory (D: Dominance, I: Influence, S: Steadiness, C: Compliance) was developed by American psychologist Dr. Marston in 1920.According to the ancient Greek personality theory to explore the personality and behavior style developed by human behavior patterns, the famous psychological test can be used to test, evaluate and help people improve their behavior, … Continue reading “Investors’ DISC test to assess your traits”

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