The most important qualifty for an investor is temperament, not intellect

I must admit that when I was young, I had doubts about the view of “The most important qualifty for an investor is temperament, not intellect”. However, after many years of practical investment experience, I found that I have become more and more in the same view that the key to long-term success of investors … Continue reading “The most important qualifty for an investor is temperament, not intellect”

What should a investment philosophy include?

I found that investment books and media in Taiwan like to use the four words “investment method of mentality”. Mainland China, Hong Kong, or the United States are not like Taiwan. The media like to explore the “investment method of mentality” of successful investors. . However, I personally always think that Taiwan’s translation or use … Continue reading “What should a investment philosophy include?”

Thinking cannot be outsourced

Investment is a marathon of life, and we must persist to the end. In section 1-1, of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, I pointed out 8 key points of a simple roadmap for stock investment for investors; the sixth item is “Independent thinking” — Develop the habit of reading, analyze and … Continue reading “Thinking cannot be outsourced”

How difficult to be out of the ordinary

We begin this article with a famous quote from Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform, pause or reflect.” This is even more true in the stock market. The collective IQ of the masses will drop sharply Gustave Le Bon pointed out in his masterpiece “The … Continue reading “How difficult to be out of the ordinary”

Full-time investor

As everyone knows that I am now a full-time investor, I discussed this topic with a few people a few days ago. Friends have been asking me under what circumstances can investors quit their jobs and concentrate on investing. Everyone’s situation is different, and my own ideas encompass two aspects. Financial preparation You need to … Continue reading “Full-time investor”

Has Apple’s innovation gone with Steve Jobs?

Gossip can be destructive As long as people have mentioned Apple (ticker: AAPL), the most frequently mentioned sentence is that after the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple has not innovated products in recent years. Every time I hear this brainless comments, I have a lot of opinions; I think most people are too susceptible to … Continue reading “Has Apple’s innovation gone with Steve Jobs?”

Introduction Jack Dorsey

You had better know him If you don’t know who he is, I suggest you read down quickly to get to know this person. He is one of the most underrated and influential entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Figure 1: Jack. Dorsey attending the U.S. Congressional hearing in 2018 (photo taken from Wiki) His quick bio … Continue reading “Introduction Jack Dorsey”

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