Value and stop loss, Mr. Ge Ba’s view

Mr. Ge Ba talks about value and stop loss. My palindrome mentions the difference between “valuation” and “price estimation,” because that’s what the book Security Analysis taught me (I read the 1934 edition), and my letter to Buffett and the Q’s of previous shareholder meetings What &A says is verified again and again.

Why people with high IQ prone invest failed

In stock investment, temperament is the final decisive factor, not intelligence and IQ, nor the amount of funds. I certainly know that most people may disagree with my statement. The world is rewarding high IQ people In terms of work, reading, and research, no one can deny that smart and high IQ people do have … Continue reading “Why people with high IQ prone invest failed”

Problems with Cigar Butt Investment

What is Cigar Butt investment? Most investors who have a little research on Buffett may know that Buffett used his own investment in the early stage of his investment career, especially during the Warren Buffett partnership that had not yet established Berkshire (ticker:s: BRK.A and BRK.B), is his mentor Graham’s “Cigar Butt Investment Method” means: … Continue reading “Problems with Cigar Butt Investment”

What should a investment philosophy include?

I found that investment books and media in Taiwan like to use the four words “investment method of mentality”. Mainland China, Hong Kong, or the United States are not like Taiwan. The media like to explore the “investment method of mentality” of successful investors. . However, I personally always think that Taiwan’s translation or use … Continue reading “What should a investment philosophy include?”

Why more retail investors than Wall Street made money in 2020 market crash?

How deep is the fall this time? The U.S. stock market crashed in 2020, although many Wall Street or investment experts usually educate everyone to take advantage of the stock market crash or a sharp pullback. During the 33-day crash from February 19 to March 23, the three major U.S. stock indexes representing the U.S. … Continue reading “Why more retail investors than Wall Street made money in 2020 market crash?”

Investors’ DISC test to assess your traits

What’s DISC? DISC theory (D: Dominance, I: Influence, S: Steadiness, C: Compliance) was developed by American psychologist Dr. Marston in 1920.According to the ancient Greek personality theory to explore the personality and behavior style developed by human behavior patterns, the famous psychological test can be used to test, evaluate and help people improve their behavior, … Continue reading “Investors’ DISC test to assess your traits”

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