Investing many years and never make money, what should I do?

never make money

Not everyone is suitable for stock investing

Be tired of investing many years and never make money? First of all, we must admit that not everyone is suitable for investing in stocks, and everyone must first have this understanding. The second is “Most investors’ problem is concepts and psychology, not stock selection” If you’ve been investing in the stock market for years and haven’t made any money, don’t blame yourself, it’s probably not your fault.

The basics of stock market investing

You can first check whether you have done the basic tasks listed below for stock market investors:

  • Are you sure that your investment mentality and method are correct? What are your expectations? Do you still think that the stock market is where you make quick money? Or do you think the stock market and casino are the same?
  • Are you guessing the stock market: you always overweight the stock market during a bull market, but when it crashes, you clear your holdings and flee the stock market?
  • Do you always perform band trade? Do you always take profits early? Have you figured out your stop loss range before buying?
  • Quit watching financial TV or Internet celebrity programs, and save time to read legend investment books or conduct investment research on your own. Watching financial TV or internet celebrity shows is not considered investment homework. In addition to wasting your precious time, many of these programs will instill wrong investment concepts and make you poisoned without knowing it.
  • Don’t buy any stocks that you’ve been inquiring about. Make sure to read their financial reports before buying any stocks, figure out the company’s business model, and whether the company is making money or losing money? Please read my blog article “At least figure out those things before investing in a business?
  • Do you regularly spend time investigating the fundamentals of the stock market and individual stocks?
  • Do not enter the market to trade stocks before reading more than three well-known legend investment books. It is best to choose the investment book that suits your level. Please refer to another article on my blog “Primer books for investing in the stock market“. I have listed 18 classic legend investment books for readers in the appendix of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”. Or click on “Legend Investment Books” and “Stock Investment Books” listed on my website. I personally haven’t known any successful investor with outstanding investment performance so far who does not spend most of his time reading books. It takes time to read books, but you can gain knowledge and force yourself to calm down and think. The reason why legend investment books are classic is that their content has been validated to be meaningful, successful and helpful to investment.
  • Find successful investors for discussion or guidance: Someone’s discussion or guidance is the best way, but you must choose your mentor carefully. There are actually very, very few investors who are truly capable of mentoring others. You can use the 3 conditions listed on section 1.5 of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, and another article published in my blog, “Whether a successful investor can be sustained? “, to help you screen out trusted and successful investors.
  • You might as well buy an ETF that tracks the broad market. Buying ETFs that track the broad market will not only make you invincible, but also defeat at least 75% of global professional investment fund managers; you have not mistaken the previous sentence, and of course I have not written it wrong. please refer to section 1-4 of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”.

How to judge yourself suitable?

After 3-5 years and you have worked very hard, if you can’t even make money by investing in ETFs; this proves that you are really not suitable for wealth management by investing in the stock market. It is recommended that you do not adopt any wealth management methods related to the stock market; instead, what you have to do is to quickly stay away from the stock market and use other methods, so as to at least save your hard-earned money.

never make money
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No too late

But I think that investors who have not made money after investing for many years are at least luckier than those who have invested for many years but have made small money. (Interested readers can refer to my other blog article “Investing many years and earning small, can it be improved?“). Why?

  • Because people who do not make money or lose money, generally speaking, do not invest a large amount of money; therefore, most of these investors will not lose large amounts of money.
  • Because they didn’t make money or lost money, they would be humble and respect the market. Whether investing to make money or lose money, this is the basic mentality that all investors should have.
  • Because they don’t make money or lose money, they are less likely to have arrogant investment behavior; they are also more conservative and cautious.
  • Because they did not make money or lost money, many of these investors have never formed their own investment principles or investment logic. If they are new to the stock market, most of them are a blank sheet of paper, which will help absorb correct investment concepts. Therefore, the room for improvement is greater.

Starting from a fresh start, willing to give yourself opportunities; it is not too difficult to make money by investing (how much you earn is another matter).

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