English version of the website and blog are online

website and blog

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English website and blog are available

I forgot to inform you that my English version of the website and blog is online. I have translated every page of the Chinese website and every article of the blog into English, internet link are as follows:

  • One of the immediate benefits of the English version is that it allows you to find the original texts of many of the investment masters I quoted
  • English version of the website (Andy Lin’s Super Growth Stocks Investing)-https://www.granitefirm.com/us/
  • English version of the blog (Andy Lin’s Blog)-https://www.granitefirm.com/blog/us/
  • The content is exactly the same as the Chinese version. Every page of the Chinese website and every article in the blog has been translated into the corresponding English
  • In the future, all website content and every blog article will also be updated in both Chinese and English versions.
website and blog

Please help to promote

I would like to trouble everyone to promote it for me. You can repost it to your foreign friends, foreign colleagues, relatives and friends living abroad, or to friends who are used to reading English. Thank you in advance.

The features

You can refer to my other blog post “Multilingual website launched – Simplified and Traditional Chinese plus English“.


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