1st Anniversary Review: Top 10 read articles in my blog

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Today is the first anniversary of my blog. After writing for a year, I have received many unexpected gains and the support of many friends.

Top 10 English read articles

Below is the ranking of the top ten posts on my English blog in the past year.

RankingPost title
1Comparison of TSMC, Intel, and Samsung’s new process roadmaps for future chips
2Tencent vs. Alibaba
3ASML, who really caught TSMC’s neck
4No fear of miss out a good company
5The biggest risk to hold Chinese stocks, taking Alibaba and Tencent as examples
6Institutional imperative
7India stock market and the emerging Indian tech giants
8Non-quantitative factors determine success or failure of an investment
9A hard day for the modern evil empire Meta
10Global semiconductor chip market in detail

Top 10 Chinese read articles

The following is the ranking of the top ten posts on my Chinese blog in the past year. You can read the coresponding English post by simply clicking on the article title:

Ranking Post title
1What kind of company is Accenture, the McKinsey of technology industry?
2You should know the company Square (rebraned to Block)
3The failed Taiwan software industry policy
4Coca-Cola has been inferior to Pepsi in and even return rate is negative in past 10 years!
5Why concentrated investment?
6Two long-term threats to TSMC
7Why I prefer growth stocks instead of value stocks?
8Most investors’ problem is concepts and psychology, not stock selection
9Most investors should invest ETFs tracking broader market
10nVidia is changing the gaming rules

Half of it (exactly five) are posts related to individual stocks or individual companies.

Top 10
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Why I compile this list?

The reason why this is announced is to let everyone know what topics investors are actually interested in, or at least what topics everyone is more concerned about. It certainly helped me a lot.

The difference between English and Chinese readers?

Since my English version of the blog has only been launched for half a year, the number of samples in the English version is relatively small. Most English-language readers mainly come to read articles related to Chinese stocks and TSMC.


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