Jack Dorsey, a fanatical supporter of Bitcoin

Compared with frequent utterances, nonsense, repetitive words, no social responsibility, several official warnings issued by the SEC, almost lost the executive position, only used the popularity to smash the fields of various mainstream technologies, obviously used the hype of bitcoin boom, harvesting the majority of cryptocurrency netizens as leeks; Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla … Continue reading “Jack Dorsey, a fanatical supporter of Bitcoin”

Has Apple’s innovation gone with Steve Jobs?

Gossip can be destructive As long as people have mentioned Apple (ticker: AAPL), the most frequently mentioned sentence is that after the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple has not innovated products in recent years. Every time I hear this brainless comments, I have a lot of opinions; I think most people are too susceptible to … Continue reading “Has Apple’s innovation gone with Steve Jobs?”

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