What is Web3? What are the related companies?

What is Web3? Web 1.0 only provides user information in one direction, kind of Geocities. your basic message boards, things like that that you did in the early internet. During this period, static pages are more common, which are basically websites that cannot be truly interactive and do not need to be updated regularly. Web … Continue reading “What is Web3? What are the related companies?”

You should know the company Square (rebraned to Block)

Company name changed to Block In November 2021, the company name was changed to Block from Square, but the stock trading code was still SQ, and there was no change; the Square trademark will be used by the Seller department afterward. Few people in Taiwan know about this company Due to the long-term stagnation of … Continue reading “You should know the company Square (rebraned to Block)”

Jack Dorsey, a fanatical supporter of Bitcoin

Compared with frequent utterances, nonsense, repetitive words, no social responsibility, several official warnings issued by the SEC, almost lost the executive position, only used the popularity to smash the fields of various mainstream technologies, obviously used the hype of bitcoin boom, harvesting the majority of cryptocurrency netizens as leeks; Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla … Continue reading “Jack Dorsey, a fanatical supporter of Bitcoin”

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