Investment mistakes Buffett made in his first 25 years

In Berkshire’s shareholder letter in 1989, Buffett summarized the major investment mistakes he made in the first 25 years of his investment career. , These mistakes he admits will be very inspiring and practical to investors. Berkshire My first mistake, of course, was in buying control of Berkshire. Though I knew its business – textile … Continue reading “Investment mistakes Buffett made in his first 25 years”

Inventors are rarely successful, but improvers are successful and profitable

Successful businesses are improvers, not inventors. Many investors are working hard to find companies that can disrupt the market or fundamentally change technology, hoping to seize the opportunity and gain the first opportunity to invest,

The Power Law

What I want to talk about in this post is a just-published English book “The Power Law”.

Steve Jobs’s Apple innovation gone with him?

Has Apple’s innovation gone with Steve Jobs? As long as people have mentioned Apple (ticker: AAPL), the most frequently mentioned sentence is that after the loss of Steve Jobs, Apple has not innovated products in recent years.

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