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National Bio of Israel

The total GDP of Israel is 311.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 35th in the world; but its per capita GDP is as high as 476.02 million U.S. dollars, and Taiwan’s is 327.47 million U.S. dollars (IMF data). Israel’s population is only 8.65 million, around one third of Taiwan, and the country is smaller than Taiwan, only 20,770 square kilometers. Resources are even scarcer than Taiwan, and even the water recovery rate must be as high as 90% to survive.

But Israel has always been one of the countries with the largest income gap in the OECD. Because the technology industry is developed, the salary of the technology industry is excellent, and the gap between the rich and the poor is increased. Please see the next paragraph for this part. The natural living environment is difficult, surrounded by deserts, and neighboring countries are all Arab enemies. Hebrew is the official language, but they use English when they enter social work and at university, and they can speak American standard English.

Strong semiconductor industry

Semiconductor multinational companies gather

As of 2023, Israel has gathered more than 500 multinational companies, nearly 200 chip companies and about 8% of the world’s chip design talents, attracting Apple, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, Huawei, Texas Instruments, LG, Hitachi, Marvell, Chip giants such as KLA-Tencor have set up R&D centers locally, and the Israeli semiconductor industry is expected to reach US$1.14 billion in 2023.

Excellent talents

Israel has more than 30,000 chip engineers among its population of less than 10 million. Despite constant wars over the years, no oil, lack of fresh water, and meager resources, it is a well-deserved “chip empire.”

Wafer manufacturing

Tower Semiconductor

Tower Semiconductor, which Intel failed to acquire, owns a 6-inch wafer fab and an 8-inch wafer fab in Israel. It mainly provides customers with mature process foundry services. However, the consumer electronics market has continued to slump this year, and the wafer foundry industry has continued to decline. On the downside, inventories are rising. Tower Semiconductor’s two wafer fabs in Israel are under pressure, and overall performance continues to decline. The financial report shows that Tower Semiconductor’s revenue in the second quarter of 2023 was US$357 million, a year-on-year decrease of 16.2%, and net profit was US$51 million, a decrease of 12.07% from the same period in 2022.


Intel has also invested in and built a wafer factory Fab 28 in Israel. It has set up three R&D centers and has tens of thousands of employees. It is Israel’s largest exporter. Israelis are very proud of this, and local entrepreneur Jon Medved once joked that Intel should change the slogan “Intel Inside” to “Israel Inside.”

Israeli stock market

Even Israel has a local Tel Aviv stock market, and there are currently 622 companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (comparable to Singapore). All Israeli companies have the goal of listing in the United States. Most of the famous companies are well-known companies in the technology and biotechnology fields, regardless of the size of the company, because they know that only in this way can they survive.

But every year, countless Israeli startups are listed in the United States or acquired by companies from all over the world. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of Israel in June this year, the average salary of nearly 340,000 employees in the technology industry is US$95,000, which is more than twice the average salary of other industries. In 2020, local Israeli media estimated that more than 30,000 Israelis hold more than US$14 billion in stocks, with an average of US$400,000 per person. In the first half of 2021, there were a record 48 IPOs and special purpose acquisitions (SPACs).

Israeli companies listed on U.S. stocks

In 2016, Israel had more than 6,000 new high-tech companies, and the per capita entrepreneurship ranked first in the world. At present, there are 92 Israeli companies listed on NASDAQ, ranking fifth in the world, more than seven times that of Taiwan. Among the high-tech companies listed on Nasdaq in the United States, the number of companies from Israel ranks third in the world. After the United States and China, it ranks third in the world.

Many of the hot start-up companies in the United States are Israeli companies. For example:

Company nameticker:Main business
MondayMNDYTeam and project coordination
NSOUnlistedInternet security
Fiverr FVRReCommerce
Teva Pharmaceutical TEVABiotech and pharmaceutical
Cyberark CYBRInternet security
Check PointCHKPInternet security
Innoviz INVZLiDAR sensor and software
IturanIRTNDevice anti-stolen
Vayyar ImagingINTC 3D image sensor
JFrogFROGDevOps tool
LemonadeLMNDOnline insurance
WazeGOOGL and GOOGRide hailing
GettUnlisted Ride hailing
CybereasonUnlistedInternet security
Wix.comWIXWeb development tools

The ones listed above are just the more famous ones. There are currently more than one hundred Israeli companies listed on the US stock market.

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