Israel stock market and tech giants

National Bio of Israel The total GDP of Israel is 311.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 35th in the world; but its per capita GDP is as high as 476.02 million U.S. dollars, and Taiwan’s is 327.47 million U.S. dollars (IMF data). Israel’s population is only 8.65 million, around one third of Taiwan, and the country … Continue reading “Israel stock market and tech giants”

How to invest in US stocks? sub-brokerage, and fintech companies

You could invest in U.S. stocks mainly in the following ways: The first way: open an account with a Taiwanese brokerage, and then specify that you want to open the function of sub-brokerage trading of US stocks. The second way: open an account directly with an online brokerage in the United States. The third type: … Continue reading “How to invest in US stocks? sub-brokerage, and fintech companies”

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