How does Texas Instruments make money? Amazing long term capital reward and company net profit margin!

Take Texas Instruments (aka TI, ticker: TXN) as an example; this company was founded earlier than Intel (ticker: INTC), for Intel, I suggest you refer to my previous blog post “How Does Intel Make Money? And the Benefits of Investing in It”

Commercial-oriented firms perform better in recessions

U.S. stocks have rebounded a lot from the bottom of the bear market in June. Many investors believe that the worst time has passed; but the reality is not so optimistic. But there is another important point in this article — commercial-oriented companies are more resilient to recessions.

How many fabs and houses does TSMC have currently and in the future?

Investors who want to seriously study TSMC must want to know how many wafer fabrication foundry (aka fabs) and assembly and testing house TSMC currently and in the future have? The information of this article is that I have spent some time until today, based on TSMC’s annual report, company website, and news reports in … Continue reading “How many fabs and houses does TSMC have currently and in the future?”

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