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The importance of inflation

As I said in the article “Simple and compound interest calculator“: The first step in simple and compound interest calculation and financial management. In addition, the article I wrote before, “Inflation and rate are the most two serious killers to investors“, analyzed that inflation and interest rates are very important to investors. I suggest you find time to read my important post “Inflation and rate are the most two serious killers to investors

Features provided

This querier has two features:

  • Entering two sets of different years values, you can query the inflation rate between any two years; the average inflation rate and the compound inflation rate will be provided.
  • If the two years entered are the same, the inflation rate of the year can be queried

How to use this querier?

Readers can click this link to connect to the U.S. inflation rate querier designed by me over the years. It is very simple to use and understand at a glance. Once you are connected, and you can see the following screen:

US Inflation Rate Querier

You only need to enter the following two fields of information on the screen:

  • Starting Year: For example, in the example in the screen, we enter 1960
  • Ending Year: For example, in the example in the screen, we enter 2021

After the input is completed, click the “Query” button on the screen, and you can see the query results in the “Query Results” area.

Credit: Capital.com

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