Why can US brokerages have zero fees?

PFOF (Payment for order flow) Order flow payment (Payment for order flow: PFOF) involves retail brokerage brokers, such as Robin Hood (ticker: HOOD) and TD Ameritrade (has been acquired by Charles Schwab, ticker: SCHW) to sell their customers’ market orders to third parties (represented by Citadel Securities and Virtu Financial), the third party executes these … Continue reading “Why can US brokerages have zero fees?”

What is Web3? What are the related companies?

What is Web3? Web 1.0 only provides user information in one direction, kind of Geocities. your basic message boards, things like that that you did in the early internet. During this period, static pages are more common, which are basically websites that cannot be truly interactive and do not need to be updated regularly.

Will the social network and fintech change stock investment?

Social network is powerful The rise of social network now allows news of the investment market to spread to all corners of the world in a short period of time. This has also led to the fact that the investment methods of young people now affect the stock market (such as Game Stop (ticker: GME) … Continue reading “Will the social network and fintech change stock investment?”

How to invest in US stocks? sub-brokerage, and fintech companies

You could invest in U.S. stocks mainly in the following ways: The first way: open an account with a Taiwanese brokerage, and then specify that you want to open the function of sub-brokerage trading of US stocks. The second way: open an account directly with an online brokerage in the United States. The third type: … Continue reading “How to invest in US stocks? sub-brokerage, and fintech companies”

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