Introducting Jack Dorsey, the low-key Silicon Valley leader

Jack Dorsey

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You had better know him

If you don’t know who he is, I suggest you read down quickly to get to know this person. He is one of the most underrated and influential entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

About Jack. Dorsey and Bitcoin, I suggest you refer to my other blog post “Jack Dorsey, a fanatical supporter of Bitcoin“.

Figure 1: Jack. Dorsey attending the U.S. Congressional hearing in 2018 (photo taken from Wiki)

His quick bio

  • Jack Dorsey started programming when he was 14 years old; after dropping out of New York University, he ran to start a business.
  • In 2006, depicting the most primitive prototype that appeared on Twitter (ticker: TWTR), and with other people founded and officially launched Twitter, Jack Dorsey is the main programmer. The competitiveness of Twitter is that it is a social network outside the powerful influence of Facebook (ticker: META), and it has developed another unique and irreplaceable social network. There are only Weibo (ticker: WB) has a similar status. He was deprived of the position of chief executive in 2010, and was forced to leave the company he founded shortly after. In 2015, under the extreme crisis of the company’s chaos and no leader, he was unanimously elected back to the company’s CEO.
  • In 2010, Jack Dorsey founded Block (ticker: SQ) to provide small hardware devices that iPhone users can swipe their cards anytime and anywhere (see Figure 2 below), defeating Amazon’s (ticker: AMZN) ambitions in this field, all the way it has developed into one of the most influential financial innovations today and PayPal (ticker: PYPL).

Figure 2: Block’s iPhone credit card dongle

  • In 2020, he took the lead in donating US$ 1 billion in property to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from all walks of life in Silicon Valley, accounting for 28% of his personal assets. It is the highest donation amount among the rich in Silicon Valley.
  • Meditation, exercise, fasting, eating only one meal a day, learning to sew, and walking 8 kilometers to work every day regardless of rain or shine.
  • Extremely fanatical supporter of Bitcoin.
  • The first tweet from 15 years ago was auctioned off in the form of NFT and donated to the African Charity Foundation.
  • Breaking through everyone’s glasses, it acquired Tidal music streaming company founded by Jay-Z, planning to integrate it with the Block’s ecosystem and become a financial tool for music creators.
  • He does not have a fixed office or seat in the company. Usually only use smartphones to work; he is an extremely laissez-faire and fully authorized chief executive of his subordinates.

Jack’s special traits

Jack Dorsey has the following distinct personal characteristics that have contributed to his success and achievement:

  • Think long-term than the average person: Twitter, mobile payment, and more convenient bitcoin transactions are three ready-made examples.
  • Good at using network effects to promote his ideas: The rise of Block is spontaneously spread by word of mouth by users (at the time, Facebook and Twitter were not as influential as they are today).
  • He don’t care about the opinions of most people, and dare to be different: It seems that he is correct in many places. He said long ago that Block (not the Twitter he co-founded!) will eventually change the way people communicate. In addition, he also stated that Bitcoin will become the native transaction currency of the Internet.
  • Persistent personality, can stand the test: to be a trusted leader, this is very different from most celebrities.
Jack Dorsey
credit: wiki

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