Nike, a role model of growth stocks in non-tech industry

Since I have described in detail how to screen for super growth stocks in the book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, Chapter 5 of the book also mentioned that I own Nike (ticker: NKE) stock before, but I focus on the book Everyone is talking about technology stocks, and there are still many … Continue reading “Nike, a role model of growth stocks in non-tech industry”

HP is an important and good company, but not a good stock?

There is a saying that there are good companies in this world, but the stocks of good companies are not necessarily good stocks. If you can make money for investors as a criterion; HP (ticker: HPQ) should be one, at least in the past two decades and now. Most people think so. There should be … Continue reading “HP is an important and good company, but not a good stock?”

Why can US brokerages have zero fees?

PFOF (Payment for order flow) Order flow payment (Payment for order flow: PFOF) involves retail brokerage brokers, such as Robin Hood (ticker: HOOD) and TD Ameritrade (has been acquired by Charles Schwab, ticker: SCHW) to sell their customers’ market orders to third parties (represented by Citadel Securities and Virtu Financial), the third party executes these … Continue reading “Why can US brokerages have zero fees?”

Tencent vs. Alibaba, deep dive on significant differences in operation

I have written several in-depth articles about Alibaba and Tencent, two of the largest and representative technology giants in contemporary China, on my blog, and they have received enthusiastic responses from many friends. This article is going to explore a deeper level and the reasons behind the major differences in the operations of the two … Continue reading “Tencent vs. Alibaba, deep dive on significant differences in operation”


I recently re-read several investment books and found that one of them is worth recommending to everyone. After reading it these few days, I thought it was great, so I hurried to find out the record of my previous reading, and found that I had read this book before, but I didn’t care about it … Continue reading “Outsiders”

Introduction to venture capital and unicorns

What is a unicorn? Although this term has actually existed for about 20 years, as far as I can remember, most people in the investment world did not pay attention to the term unicorn at least before the financial turmoil in 2008. However, in the past ten years, it has gradually occupied all the financial … Continue reading “Introduction to venture capital and unicorns”

How difficult to be out of the ordinary

We begin this article with a famous quote from Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform, pause or reflect.” This is even more true in the stock market. The collective IQ of the masses will drop sharply Gustave Le Bon pointed out in his masterpiece “The … Continue reading “How difficult to be out of the ordinary”

Investing many years and earning small, can it be improved?

Hard to improve Many investors have been in the stock market for many years. But in your investment career, you only make a small amount of money or you don’t make a profit. How can you improve this situation to make your performance improve significantly? Frankly speaking, I think that the group of people who … Continue reading “Investing many years and earning small, can it be improved?”

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