How serious is the problem of misappropriating client funds in Taiwan?

Misappropriation of customer deposits occurred repeatedly Today, I read, again, in the newspaper that Taishin bank specialists of wealth management stole NT$ 347 million. The Financial Management Committee fined NTS 30 million, the heaviest in history. I noticed this problem in Taiwan a long time ago. The Banking Bureau of the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission … Continue reading “How serious is the problem of misappropriating client funds in Taiwan?”

Alphabet’s urgent crisis

Aa fatal problem delayed for many years A few days ago, I wrote a blog article about the strong competitiveness of Alphabet “Consider Alphabet if you can buy one stock only to retire from it? “Many talents are alert to how we modern people can’t escape the grasp of this company (unless you completely lose … Continue reading “Alphabet’s urgent crisis”

The disadvantages of retail investors

In the previous blog article “The advantages of retail investors“, after receiving a lot of feedback from readers, this article is going to fulfill my previous promise–compared with institutional investors, discussing the disadvantages of retail investors investing in the stock market? Where retail investors can’t compete The following items are what I personally think are … Continue reading “The disadvantages of retail investors”

Should investors buy stocks in the companies they serve?

Lesson learned from Enron scandal The Enron scandal in 2001 exposed the company’s years of false accounting, insider trading, bribery, money laundering, and fraud, which caused great vibration in the American society at that time. Anderson, one of the big five accounting firms that conducted financial report audits for Enron, has severely damaged its credibility … Continue reading “Should investors buy stocks in the companies they serve?”

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