ASML, who really caught TSMC’s neck

An ASML (ticker: ASML) lithography machine asking for 100 million euros (about 120 million US dollars), but you may not get it even you have money. ASML’s stock price and valuation It is currently the world’s largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and the company has only one product. The stock price and valuation are as follows: … Continue reading “ASML, who really caught TSMC’s neck”

The lucrative semiconductor industry

I thought for a long time and wanted to write some articles about investment in the semiconductor industry, because this is really an important industry to all people no matter you are an investor or not. Considering many factors, I will write this summary today, and then I will write about other semiconductor sub-industries later. … Continue reading “The lucrative semiconductor industry”

Two long-term threats to TSMC

In an interview a few months ago, the host asked me about the prospects of TSMC in the summary. I remember what I said: It is very safe to buy TSMC within five years, because there is no rival; it should be safe within ten years. It is impossible for semiconductor manufacturing peers to catch … Continue reading “Two long-term threats to TSMC”

The disadvantages of retail investors

In the previous blog article “The advantages of retail investors“, after receiving a lot of feedback from readers, this article is going to fulfill my previous promise–compared with institutional investors, discussing the disadvantages of retail investors investing in the stock market? Where retail investors can’t compete The following items are what I personally think are … Continue reading “The disadvantages of retail investors”

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