Microsoft, the real overlord of cloud computing

Why cloud computing is so important? In my book “The Rules for Growth Investing” 2-2, 2-4, 3-3, 5-1, Cloud computing is discussed in several places, because it is so important! The main reasons are as follows: Cloud computing is the operating system of today and future: just like Windows, Linux, OS X, Unix in the … Continue reading “Microsoft, the real overlord of cloud computing”

Reasons of the success Israel’s technology nation

Military defense system is the key Surrounded by Arab “old enemies”, Israel has continuously strengthened its R&D and investment in defense technology due to its harsh external living environment. The military technology industry has therefore become one of the most well-known and most capable industries in Israel’s R&D industry. The performance of unmanned aerial vehicles, … Continue reading “Reasons of the success Israel’s technology nation”

Let’s talk about TikTok

The 1 Billion milestone In September, TikTok quietly announced the milestone of reaching billions of monthly active users (aka MAU). At present, Douyin’s parent company ByteDance’s products, including products represented by Douyin, Toutiao, Watermelon Video, etc., have a total MAU of more than 1.9 billion people. I think it is not easy for TikTok: According … Continue reading “Let’s talk about TikTok”

U.S. stocks’ dividend-rich industries and difference from Taiwan

Several big dividend industries Listed large companies in the following industries, with few exceptions, will pay dividends, and the yield rate is significantly higher than that of other industries: Telecommunications: Telecommunications companies are protected by regulations and licenses, and are rich in cash. They usually distribute dividends that are higher than the market yield. Public … Continue reading “U.S. stocks’ dividend-rich industries and difference from Taiwan”

Five technology stocks for getting started in U.S. stocks

Regardless of the market value, product influence, modern people’s daily life connectivity, influence on the global stock market, and the most helpful for your investment, everyone who invests in US stocks must first study these five technology stocks . The importance of these five technology stocks in the U.S. stock market is just like the … Continue reading “Five technology stocks for getting started in U.S. stocks”

Alphabet’s urgent crisis

Aa fatal problem delayed for many years A few days ago, I wrote a blog article about the strong competitiveness of Alphabet “Consider Alphabet if you can buy one stock only to retire from it? “Many talents are alert to how we modern people can’t escape the grasp of this company (unless you completely lose … Continue reading “Alphabet’s urgent crisis”

The failed Taiwan software industry policy

Perhaps I should change the title to “Taiwan has not had an effective science and technology industry policy for 40 years” After I published another blog post, “South Korea’s emerging technology giant“, I asked myself, “How many Taiwanese know that our indispensable communication software Line and games most Taiwanese are playing are from South Korea?” … Continue reading “The failed Taiwan software industry policy”

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