Alzheimer, the only major disease yet to be conquered, current progress and related companies

Alzheimer’s is the only major disease yet to be conquered, and is the leading cause of dementia, the seventh leading cause of death in the world.

Why Eli Lilly become global pharmaceutical market value king?

It is recommended that you also read my previous post related to Eli Lilly (ticker: LLY): Two future star drugs in hand Because it holds two future star drugs, Eli Lilly is very likely to become the world’s first listed pharmaceutical company with a market value of more than one trillion US dollars! With Alzheimer’s … Continue reading “Why Eli Lilly become global pharmaceutical market value king?”

Novo Nordisk’s new diabetes drug Semaglutide,Ozempic,Wegovy and Incretin found to have surprising weight-loss effects

Novo Nordisk is one of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies supplying insulin for the treatment of diabetes, and insulin is its main business.

Inventors are rarely successful, but improvers are successful and profitable

Successful businesses are improvers, not inventors. Many investors are working hard to find companies that can disrupt the market or fundamentally change technology, hoping to seize the opportunity and gain the first opportunity to invest,

Big pharma spin-offs, and advantages to invest them

The following are the three big pharma spin-offs I know of in the past ten years. These three pharmaceutical companies are all world-renowned super pharmaceutical companies

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